Sorry if you like artificers, but I just can’t seem to find any See Potent Potables, the most recent artificer handbook on the CharOp forums. Artificer is an arcane leader class in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.[EPG] Contents[show] Class traits Primary Role: Leader, Secondary Role: Controller. Classes. Ardent Ardent Admiration: An Ardent Handbook, Dedekine Artificer . 4e, Defenders and the MMO mentality, Unmaker * Defending.

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This will be explained below.

Artificer Player’s Guide (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

Beyond just having some of the strongest articicer in the game, wizards have a number of zones and enchantment powers that affect enemies without you even needing to make an attack roll. The Ref bonus is just icing. Considering you always want to be near your strikers to give them buffs, this is actually kind of sweet. If you know there will be airships involved in your game, handnook you want to eventually have your own airship, a half-elf is the way to go, and there are definite attractions for the Artificer in having and running his or her own airship.

Terms and Conditions for Non-Human Visitors.

Charm, Psychic, Imp vs Will. You do not carry them over to add to the new total arificer that level. The u6, Celerity Jelly on the other hand, is a great movement enabler with enemy only DT.

More stacking damage is very nice, and it handbool attacks that lack a damage roll. By the time you get this, you should be able to activate just about every magic item you own, every time, without fail due to your massive UMD bonus. However, all of this is rather restrictive, so you could always talk to your DM and see if s he would houserule that you can qualify for other PrC.


What powers did you take, feats, stats? Unless you get the option to train in something else from a Background, your best option is to just take Diplomacy, Dungeoneering, Artigicer, and Perception. The Artificer does not have a spell list, meaning it is capable of casting spells but learns them from other class lists, also it has the unique ability to make Use Magic Device checks in place of casting spell prereqs when crafting, meaning they can “fake” any spell in the books, in order to make any non-artifact level magic item in the game.

To put this mildly, handbkok only reason you should not be using the best shield you can adtificer is if you are wielding a two handed weapon like a spear. That battlemind seems highly suspicious to me Views Page Discussion Edit History. Battle Engineers excel at this. In addition, Dwarves in Eberron hold the monopoly on the banking system.

Zenith Games: 4e Guide to the Guides

Its important that you select powers that synergise with your allies. Send your Filcher out to to literally climb his leg and take it away from handbkok. Sets up, and stacks with Dissolving Breath in Epic.


If you have a party with limited mobility, there is a great encounter power artificef steals speed from an enemy and gives it to your ally. New to 4e – Feel useless as an Artificer When people say the Artificer is a Leader, that means that’s what the class is designed to do- and it’s how you’ll be most effective.

The Unofficial Artificer Handbook

I really wish its playstyle fit mine better. If you’re undecided, I’d go with this atificer the default “best”. Originally Posted by Randel. New to 4e – Feel useless as an Artificer I’m not incredibly familiar with the Artificer class, but from reading it seems that Artificers are really good at buffing and generating Temporary HP. Other than that, you are going to want to get an item that boosts your Use Magic Device check. The artificer’s study of magic allows manipulating arcane energy found within items.

Cold, Imp vs Fort. Again, you lose the accuracy that Magic Weapon gives, but this removes the need to be anywhere near your allies and does stack with MW, but restricts the bonus to against one target which is fine, really.

Fire, Imp vs AC.

Maybe if it was an encounter, or not a Standard action. OA – Opportunity attack.

Note that, like 3.