At this site you will find dyno tests for the Ford L. The Paperback of the L Ford Dyno Tests by Richard Holdener at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. We take some of Ford L Engine performance packages, add some combinations The only sure-fire way to determine output is to dyno test it—or run it at the.

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This one added another 10 degrees of duration over the smaller Voodoo cam, along with 0. The increased lift 0. Speculating about horsepower is a time-honored tradition. Dart supplied CNC-ported Pro 1 heads for this test. Edelbrock E-Force on an S Coyote! In a 3,pound car like a Mustang with 3. Approaching hp, this is a healthy street motor but one with a nice, broad torque curve. It turned out we were conservative on both counts.

Conclusions In review, we rescued a used flrd. The question was whether we wanted a torquey small-block or a more cammed-up rpm engine 5.0k boost peak horsepower. Even with relatively small valve sizes of 1.

For the stroker, we stepped up to tdsts larger Crane hydraulic-roller cam. Full CNC porting allowed them to flow cfm, more than enough for this stroker application. The smaller of the two degrees at 0.

L Ford Dyno Tests – Richard Holdener – Google Books

Southfield, MI http: Typical of carbureted applications, the produced slightly more peak power and less torque than the EFI version, with peaks of hp and lb-ft. The wrecking-yard motor was equipped with the factory H. Changing cams in the 5. Get Print Get Digital. The final stroker assembly was anotherbut one dedicated as a normally aspirated combination. Equipped on the dyno and tuned to perfection, the 5.

Because this engine only made hp, we might have made the same power with a smaller cfm carb.


Ford 5.0L Engine Performance Packages – Packaged Performance

With nitrous, this is easily a midsecond ride. We probably could have coaxed an even hp out of this stock configuration, but with such good numbers, we decided to jump right into the first Lunati cam. The engine never huffed oil out of the breathers, and the spark plugs all looked excellent. These cast piston short-blocks are not quite as good as the forged piston 5. Run on the dyno with a Box R upper and lower intake and 90mm Accufab throttle body, this normally aspirated produced hp at 6, rpm and lb-ft of torque at 5, rpm.

Comp Cams Memphis, TN Also present were a set of Hooker Super Comp headers, complete Aeromotive fuel system feeding pound injectors and an Accufab 75mm throttle body.

Make HP With A $ Junkyard – Hot Rod Network

Late-model hydraulic tedts 5. Given that a modern Coyote motor makes twice that much horsepower, it is hard to believe teats this was considered powerful back in the day. The stock GT40P springs must be upgraded when going to a longer-duration cam.

Rated at hp and lb-ft of torque by the factory, our test method differed from Ford. Though wilder applications are obviously possible we have exceeded hp with athis carbureted combination is typical of what can easily be accomplished with simple bolt-ons.

But what we were most impressed with was the solid gain in torque over the smaller Voodoo cam from 3, and up. Often times a simple blower or turbo will make one fly. We simply removed it from the wrecking yard and made the necessary modifications to run it on the engine dyno.

Changed to the smaller of the two Lunati camshafts—no other changes. The longer duration created a slight loss of torque below 3, rpm compared to both previous cams, but beyond that mild loss of power, the bigger Cord out-powered its smaller cousin, cranking out a peak torque of lb-ft at 4, a gain of 7 lb-ft over Test 2 and charging to a peak horsepower of at 6, rpm.


With the tuning finalized, the little cam made far more power than we expected, cranking out lb-ft of torque at 4, and hp at 5, rpm. Of course the Scat crank, rods, and JE pistons were a big part of the equation, but 50.l EFI produced hp at 6, rpm ddyno lb-ft of torque at 4, rpm.

Forged Yes and no—depends on year Compression 9. With over hp, it was certainly healthy for something that looked like a Detonation occurred even though we pulled 8 degrees of timing with the nitrous engaged. We pulled this hydraulic roller-cammed 5.

Our stories often provide the recipe and the results. Photo Gallery View Photo Gallery.

Yank a motor out of the junkyard, clean it up, add a camshaft, intake, and a carburetor and see how much power we can squeeze out of it. You can also easily upgrade this system by adding a dno nitrous solenoid since the fuel solenoid is capable of delivering fuel up to hp.

Fuel flow came courtesy of a complete Aeromotive fuel system.

Slover machined the heads for screw-in studs fprd guideplates since the original configuration used a net lash system that was just too weak. Related Videos Stock vs. You have no idea how many hp combinations really make .50l. For the induction side of our test, we used an Edelbrock Performer RPM Air Gap dual-plane intake combined with a Holey cfm mechanical secondary carburetor. They offer pounds on the seat and pounds at 0.

This required removal of the accessories, and installation of the Meziere electric water pump.