Editions for The True Story of the Bilderberg Group: (Paperback published in ), A verdadeira história do clube Bilderberg (Paperback). Bilderberg Meetings burgenstock Conference maio de Reuniões Bilderberg ou Clube Bilderberg é uma conferência privada anual de década de sessenta praticava uma verdadeira varredura no programa nuclear O único fator que deu origem aos rumores mais fortes era intimidade. English; |; 1 Document; |; Views; |; · A Verdadeira Historia do Clube BILDERBERG.

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Como podemos ter sido hipnotizados desde nossa tenra idade e passarmos a fazer parte de um programa sem que sequer pudessemos nos dar conta. Make no mistake about it. It was fast and it was simple.

It took place in three steps. The first was when Rockefeller and Carnegie together financed the famous Flexner Report bileerberg written by Abraham Flexner, hired by Rockefeller and Carnegie. Flexner biledrberg all over the country and made a very scholarly analysis of how bad the level of medical education was in America and he was right. There were diploma mills. There were hiwtria few good schools. But, there were a bildedberg of mediocre schools and there were a lot of bad schools.

And people could get a medical degree just by paying enough money and so Flexner brought all of this together in the Flexner Report. It was published by the foundation as a public service and everybody was very much concerned.

Something had to be done. You see now, the problem was crystallized with foundation money. The next step was to solve bilderbert problems. Rockefeller and Carnegie then provided the money to solve the problem. They offered tax-free grants.

Tremendous infusions of millions and millions of dollars to those selected medical schools that were cooperative and that were willing to go along with the recommendations made by Rockefeller and Carnegie. The ones who did go along got this money and were able to build big buildings to attract qualified teachers. They were able to get the necessary equipment, and they became the large medical schools in America today, through Rockefeller and Carnegie money.

Gates and Flexner, and those whom they appointed, became Board members and consultants for all of these schools. And you can be sure, ladies and gentlemen, that if you are on the Board of Trustees of cerdadeira school and you are struggling for money and somebody comes to you and says here is 10 million dollars and then they say, however, or by the way, we would suggest that the next time you look for a president we suggest that you look bilderberb Mr.

You will listen very carefully when they make that suggestion and Mr. Smith becomes the next president. Smith listens very carefully when Mr. Smith, you need people on your teaching staff with these qualifications, and we suggest that you look at Dr.

Money has a distinct sound. It is the ruffling of thousand dollar bills. Now there is no corruption there.

It is not necessary to set down and say we are going to control the school. We want you to do what we tell you, it is all just very gentlemanly and done gently. And so you can be dk that those schools that were willing to cooperate were the ones who got the money. The record indeed shows that this is true.

Flexner was John D. Das geht aus Umfrage des Forsa-Institutes unter 1. Why is America so brainwashed by the corporate media? Why do we care more about American Idol and sports games than being poisoned with mercury in our vaccinations and sodium fluoride in our water supply?



A newly discovered internal French government document contains shocking details about how the French government plans to implement a military style vaccination program and how they plan to implement every single French citizen without exception. You can see the document for yourself right here, but unless you can read French you will not be able to understand it:.

Fortunately, the document has been analyzed by someone who does understand French on another blog, and the following is an excerpt from that analysis:. The objective of the page document is the systematic vaccination of the entire French population in the period October, November, December and January On page 3 the order is explicitly given that no medical establishments should serve as vaccine centers.

School age children are to be vaccinated by special mobile pandemic vaccination teams in histrria schools. The largest vaccination facilities — Centers of Vaccination of a Large Capacity Centres de vaccination de grande capacite CVGC — with added security fonctionnement renforce are calculated to vaccinate 2, people each day.

No explicit mention of forced vaccination is made but the document states that everyone in the country without exception is to be vaccinated. The need to implement measures to track every single person in France to determine whether they have been vaccinated or not is stressed. The use of health insurance data to ensure that every single French citizen gets a swine bipderberg shot?

Perhaps another question that needs to be addressed is whether or not similar documents are being circulated in other WHO countries. Is this just a plan for France, or is this a plan vegdadeira is going to be implemented throughout the world? Meanwhile, the anti-swine flu vaccine movement is rapidly building in many countries around the globe.

In fact, one investigative reporter recently told Russia Today that some nistria involved in the creation of vaccines are telling their families and friends NOT to take this swine flu vaccine. Just check out this stunning video clip of the interview…. As the debate over the swine flu vaccine continues to rage, troubling news about a dangerous new form of the swine flu has surfaced. Reuters is reporting that the WHO had the following to say about this new form of the swine flu:.

This is very troubling news indeed. Many natural health experts are encouraging people to keep their immunity up by taking plenty of vitamin D and plenty of vitamin C to help avoid coming down with the disease. Perhaps even more troubling is news that hidtria WHO is now saying that minority groups and indigenous populations may have a much higher risk of becoming severely ill with H1N1. Consider this quote from the WHO as reported by Reuters:.

In a world where race-specific bioweapons have been developed and are being developed, a development of this nature is very, very suspicious.

The European Medicines Agency EMAbased in London and responsible for reviewing the safety pandemic flu vaccine, has admitted a large-scale biological experiment is being conducted wilfully and deliberately by WHO and the vaccine companies on the people of Europe and the rest of the world by the use of a vaccine whose safety is not known.

In a June Q and A press release on the pandemic vaccines, the EMA states that the safety of the vaccine will not be known before it is issued to the general population and manufacturers will therefore be required to continue safety assessments during the administration of the vaccine. There is talk of monitoring the safety of the vaccines but there is no mention of stopping the mass vetdadeira campaign.

The World Health Organization, the CDC and health authorities around the world are preparing for the largest and most comprehensive mass vaccination campaign in the history of humanity this fall. According to the Department of Defenseeven the U.

So just how does the U. Would they actually be involved with the vaccination program itself? After all, the World Health Organization is recommending that mandatory swine flu vaccinations be administered in almost different countries. According to reports, vaccine manufacturers apparently plan to rely on a U. In fact, the U. Do they even remember that the vaccine killed far more people cllube the swine flu ever did at that time?


Many vaccine activists are very concerned about this verdaderia swine flu vaccination program, and the fact that the Washington Post has confirmed that the swine flu vaccine WILL contain mercury is not going to ease their fears. Are you absolutely certain that it is healthy for your kids to be shot full of mercury? If not, then perhaps you should do some serious research. According to stunning new estimates from the CDC, hundreds of thousands of Americans could die from the H1N1 swine flu over the next 2 years.

For example, the Exeter City Council says that it is actually considering using the catacombs under the city to hilderberg the corpses of deceased swine flu victims if the pandemic worsens. But in any event, are there rational things that the average person can do to prepare for verdaveira fall and winter? But perhaps the verdadsira danger we will face is if the H1N1 virus seriously mutates.

For example, scientists are now starting to wonder what will happen when the H1N1 q encounters the H5N1 flu. Will it create a flu that is easily transmissible from human to human like H1N1 but that also has a high death rate like H5N1? Mike Adams Natural News September 1, If swine flu has infected one million people and killedhow many people might be expected to die bllderberg it infects million people assuming no major changes in the virus?

How many vaccine shots and hand washings does it take to boost vitamin D levels in the average person. You have a 40 times greater chance of being struck by lightning at some point in your life than having your life saved by the bildsrberg flu vaccine. The question, of course, makes no sense. Nor do they mention some other important math: The very limited number of anti-viral medication courses available in the U.

. from –

The last time I checked, that was roughly 50 million courses. Ahem… million people…. In all, a mass vaccination program could end up generating over ten billion dollars in revenues for drug companies. How many people have to be vaccinated with the new swine flu vaccine to save ONE life from a swine flu fatality? Notice, carefully, this question has never been asked in the mainstream media. This question is easy to answer, actually.

But even considering that, is it worth it? Mathematically, you see, mass swine flu vaccinations make absolutely no sense given the very low rate of fatalities being observed right now. Of course, public health policy is never based on sense. Much of western medicineit turns out, is complete hokum.

Governo sombra (conspiração)

We would all be better off without the screenings and without the vaccinations altogether. Markle and Frances B. This book argues quite persuasively and with the citation of many convincing studies that western medicine offers virtually no net gain in quality of life to the very people it claims to serve. Doctors, hospitals, vaccines and cancer clinics could all disappear tomorrow and most people would actually be far better off.