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AC voltage of v between the lead of the resistor and the insulating coating for 1 minuteNo breakdownor arcing Take a moment to atmire your handiwork.

Neutral grounding resistor Light-sensitive Alarm Project resistor carbon composition applications of Light-sensitive Alarm datasgeet thin film heater “Silicon Controlled Rectifier” Variable Resistors carbon film photoresistors token carbon film resistor Text: The preferred minimum resistor line width and space 0. I recommend soldering just 2 corners first. Additionally, all three resistors have a high-impedance setting.

The microprocessor is a Atmega by Atmel.

AJ Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

This page is still under construction. Metal type ntc temperature sensor 10k 1. It is important that the diamond is placed at the same end as the solder pad with the square around it. Then push the socket down and reheat the solder on the two spots. These thick pins are very good at transferring heat, so you can save your table from getting burned by placing a coin underneath.


Remarkable international reputation and keep a fixed philosophy. Make sure datashet the notch in the microprocessor lines up with the notch in the socket.

The next step is to determine the value of the sense resistor. Pricing and lead time for resistor networksterminations.

Try Findchips PRO for resistor aj. Resistors are used extensively throughout electrical and electronic ircuits. We will talk about the “pull up” later when we talk about the reset button. Notes that there is a little notch on the end.

Now you’re ready to solder all of them. Slide the switch towards the edge. The acceptable spacing is 0.

A-103-J-15-C0G-F-5-TAA PDF Datasheet浏览和下载

This big fat component is called a resonator. Retrieved from ” http: You can use your coin to prevent from burning your fingers.

Plus or minus Join Free Sign In. Views Read View source View history. TOKEN What is a Resistor What is a Resistor Preview Resistor is electrical or electronic components which resist the flow of current across the resistorin a voltage drop across the resistor device. It is very important that you place it in, in the right direction.

Climateoperating voltage Vmax. Shenzhen Howfflink High-Tech Co. Pull up voltage between 2. Here is where you put it. C4 is to smooth out the USB power.


Resistor values are expressed in Ohms, the lectric resistance unit. The microprocessor now has everything it needs to start communicating by serial to your computer. It looks like a four terminal variable resistor network.

High, Medium, Low, AutomaticTemperature sensing: The negative side is also marked. Now it’s time to solder. DocID – ceramic capacitor nF Abstract: Now it’s time to place the resistor array. Shenzhen Jiexing Weiye Electronic Co. Add The Transistor The transistor is useful because it can switch on more power then the chip can by it’s self.

It resonates at 16 MHz and tells the microprocessor to move each clock cycle through it code.

XTAL016207 Datasheet PDF

It takes a significant amount of pressure to push the chip into the socket. Resistor 10K Jun 14, You need to match the notch in the socket with the marking on the printed circuit bard. Make sure you did not put the cable in backwards.