Distant View of a Minaret opens with a husband and wife performing the act of intercourse. The story is told from the. Distant View of a Minaret by Alifa Rifaat, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. This collection of short stories admits the reader into a hidden private world, regulated by the call of the mosque. The book provides accounts of death, the lives.

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Contents Distant View of a Minaret. Read more Read less. Considering I was reading a translation I cannot even begin to imagine what these stories were like in original Arabic text – they must be astonishing. This virtual immunity from Western influence lends a special authenticity to her direct yet sincere accounts of death, sexual fulfillment, the lives of vkew in purdah, and the frustrations of everyday life in a male-dominated Islamic environment.

Details Customers who bought this item also bought Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 This shopping feature will continue to load items. Even at Beijing inthere were complaints that endless discussions by Westerners of reproductive rights and sexual orientation meant that the urgent concerns of women from less developed nations were ignored. May 21, Nikhil rated it it was amazing Shelves: It can be read as a fanciful metaphor for female homosexuality and its miinaret fulfillment despite the attempts of the good husband and a well-meaning cleric to stem it, who, in a way, represent two pillars of alifq power.

What a terrific little book of short stories. You won’t be sorry. There is a clear imbalance of rights between men and women, especially in regards to societal expectations. Although many of the women recognize the injustice perpetrated against them, they do not rage against a patriarchal system that oppresses, discriminates, and marginalizes them. Her stories are short yet enthralling. As a side note – read these stories slowly.

Some might find her boundaries of sex and sexuality off-putting because of her obviously religious background but fifaat my opinion, I find her discussion of these subjects very refreshing and still relatable to all women whether they’re religious or not.

She tells brief tales from a wide range of perspectives: There existed a need to sit and consider where the edges of these seemingly antithetical worlds met and the soft and untenable virw of their separation. Still their stories, are many womens’ Not in the sense of writing manners and marriage, but in the sense of writing about the quiet things, in the sense of being able to do so much with a simple turn or phrase of a sentence.


Largely divorced from Western influences, speaking and writing only Arabic, Alifa Rifaat allows the reader a rare and enlightening glimpse at woman’s condition in a male-dominated environment.

Alifa Rifaat exposes injustice with subtlety, sensitivity, and poignancy. So she is not a feminist nor does she want to upset any apple carts.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. While I read that Rifaat does not see herself as a feminist writer, I am challenged to see her stories as anything less. Bhutto does not seem a likely possibility given the world that has been painted in this book.

Jerome Reviews Alifa Rifaat’s Distant View of a Minaret – Kinna Reads

There is a lot of variety between the short stories and each are beautifully written. At such moments it had seemed to her that all she needed was just one more movement and her body and soul would be distat, that once achieved they minsret between them know how to repeat the experience. It is the kicker which got me: Heartbreakingly honest about the inner person, sexuality, death, family dynamics and daily living of traditional Muslim women.

However, she has not been joyful in either. This story conveys the passive female sexual role as pushed by selfish male domination of the sexual relationship in marriage.

In a conference on population and development distan held in Cairo where A widow, she now lives in Cairo with her three children. In one work, for example, a widow was visited by a man she’d loved in her youth, now an old widower proposing marriage.

She was raised in provincial Egypt and spent most of her life there.

Jerome Reviews Alifa Rifaat’s Distant View of a Minaret

Depressing and enlightening, making me rrifaat and reflect, annoying, inspiring me to action A Novel Athol Fugard 4. An Incident in the Ghobashi Household. Books by Alifa Rifaat. Her originality lies not in any overt and conventional feminist approach, but rather through her implicit criticisms of the male neglect of his Islamic obligations to women, particularly in family life and marital relationships.


She felt his hand on her leg, seizing it above the knee and thrusting it sideways as his movements became more frenzied. It is a sort of writing that would enforce and gain the respect of other women, but arguably it alifz more of value to be read by men, like me, who are obliviously to all these things. About Alifa Rifaat Alifa Rifaat has spent all her life in the Arab world, immersed in the traditions and culture of Islam.

I shall hear it from three different mosques that surround our building. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Distant View of a Minaret opens with a husband and wife performing the act of intercourse. Each and every story alida this collection stood out for me and forced me to reflect rifaqt the lives of their imperfect characters. I haven’t been able to find any rifata works by Rifaat, but I hope one day another “accident” will occur and I will be lucky enough to read more of Rifaat’s work.

I don’t recognise Johnson-Davies description of her work at all. I would highly recommend to read. It’d be fair to say rifaaat Alifa Rifaat has captured the essence of contemporary women lives in the Egyptian heartl At first sight the brevity of the stories betrays lack of depth, but it did not take long to correct the initial impression as I read through three or four of the total fifteen stories in the collection.

Distant View of a Minaret. Reminds me of the sadness I read in Nectar In a Seive of which I can’t remember the author but she minaget from India, short but really good, beautiful and sad. Rifaat is an extraordinarily gifted writer with a fresh approach and a remarkable ability to transplant us completely in just a few paragraphs to totally different worlds, to the lives of the very ordinary.

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