The latest Tweets from Andre Vltchek (@AndreVltchek). Novelist, philosopher, filmmaker and investigative journalist. Internationalist. Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. His latest books are. Find the latest articles of the writer and filmmaker André Vltchek, author of several essays and novels about imperialism and neocolonialism.

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These are war zones, too. To the West, peace is when the country fully sacrifices its natural resources and its people, for the profits of Western corporations and vlcthek, but the population is submissive, resigned. Vltchek’s World in Words and Images.

For years, I was warning about this. Between each class, several boys would come and unceremoniously beat me up, just for having Russian mother. He produced the feature length documentary film about the Indonesian massacres in ‘Terlena — Breaking of The Nation ‘, as well as the film about the brutal camp for Somali refugees, Dadaab in Kenya: Can you tell us how you came to be who you are? My first wife was extremely talented concert pianist from Houston.


How I became a revolutionary and internationalist: André Vltchek

You all know how the saying goes: I guess, as a young writer, I was longing for at least some purity. I was missing Leningrad, too.

First, I suffered in silence.

As you have traveled all around the world, which country do you think is doing the best for its citizens? You were a predictable andde, and a genuinely traditional imperialist.

André Vltchek

Indonesia committed, with great help from the West, three genocides in just over half of century: Japan mourns your departure, Barack Obama!

Then, ‘rehabilitated’ posthumously, when the truth surfaced, finally.

What THEY don’t want you to know! How do you switch from being vltchei author and as a film maker so easily? How did you survive? You can drive for ten or even twenty kilometers through it, and see only ugliness, fences and broken pavements. We took couple of trips to Gdansk, during protests. But things are changing.

I got myself a girlfriend in Poland, who was a member of student “Solidarity”. When I needed money, I did some translations, as I spoke fluently in several languages. You know how racist Europeans are.


I ‘made it there’, I made it there ‘too much; too big’.

My mother would often read me Russian poetry, and she cried. Why did you choose the hard path?

André Vltchek – RationalWiki

I was constantly attacked not only because my mother was “Russian”; it was mainly because she had Asian features. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. And again – Chile vltche, stunning nature, deep culture, tremendous poetry, literature, excellent food and wine.

Well, with the exception of Southeast Asia, perhaps. But I respect most of his work, and I have to say that he did a lot, really a lot, for our humanity and for this planet.