Aug 3, Book review: ‘Angelina’ by Andrew Morton. The unauthorized biography presents a surprisingly sympathetic portrait of Angelina Jolie. Jul 25, This book’s “also by Andrew Morton” list has. Angelina Jolie, the subject of Andrew Morton’s biography. . An Unauthorized Biography. Jul 29, Angelina Jolie biography by Andrew Morton: I read it so you don’t the life of Angelina Jolie in Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, out Aug.

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Angelina Jolie is Morton’s most recent subject. It doesn’t totally make me like her more now in fact i almost like her less now. Want to Read saving….

Book review: ‘Angelina’ by Andrew Morton – latimes

angelija Morton asserts that for more than a year, the infant Jolie lived in a bare, all white room cared for by an assortment of babysitters, one of whom provided this information. To read full review, pl First of all, I’m reviewing the book, not the woman herself.

The book I guess did offer some insights into the psychology of who she is, but I am still not convinced that Morton got any deeper than just scratching the surface of the ‘heart and soul’ of Angelina. Her journey fr Angelina Jolie is an intriguing woman and has always managed to bring attention to herself whether she wants it or not.

She has adopted three kids from questionable sources. Franziska De George who says, “The child whose mother abandoms them at six months not only has severe trauma, but beyond that the child is lacking a relationship with itself. In fact, I wondered about this woman, who came off as a druggie in her twenties, then a sex-magnet in her thirties, and then a supermom-slash-humanitarian in her 40s. This is a very interesting book. It’s not a biography – it’s creative nonfiction, with an emphasis on “creative.

Angelina is complex, driven, and versatile enough to find acting jobs for years to come.

Who can fault her for that? Andrew Morton ‘s account of Ms Jolie contains not much in the way of a coherent throughline, based as it is on tabloid accounts and secondhand interviews with extras yb youthful babysitter, her former security guardpsychologists who neither see her professionally nor know her personally, and astrologers ditto, and anecdotes from the entourages of other celebrities.


But the genius in the marketing, of course, is that we’re asking the same thing about the actress herself. This woman has major mental problems. I was unauthorizef uncomfortable reading this book because it felt like an invasion of Jolie’s privacy. Jul 07, David rated it did not like it Shelves: Morton’s research has uncovered and exposed simple facts about Jolie’s upbringing that explains her past and present behavior. Yet she’s giving her children a very chaotic childhood.

I wondered about this woman, who came off as a druggie in her twenties, then a sex-magnet in andre thirties, and then a supermom-slash-humanitarian in her 40s. Billy Bob is afraid of antiques and silver cutlery. If there’s anyone to blame here, according to this book, it’s the parents, since the bitter relationship between actor Jon Voight and Marcia Lynne later Marcheline Bertrand runs as a subplot throughout. It’s a little ridicu This was my first experience with an Andrew Morton unaurhorized.

I did find the book jumping around a little bit so it was difficult to read at times. There is no way Angelina would have allowed this book to go to print. She’s on UN committees, friends with Kofi Annan, makes suggestions on how to handle world hunger, mine unaithorized nations, and international adopti A really needed a break after spending 11 weeks reading Brothers Karamazov. I think that she thrives in it often to the detriment of those around her.

Andrww writing is subpar in other ways, as well. The unauthorized biography presents a surprisingly sympathetic portrait of Angelina Jolie. While it seems the author did his homework I don’t really know since I rarely read about Hollywood the biography comes across as very emotionless and trivial.

Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography by Andrew Morton

I was hoping it would be trash-tastic: The author’s ‘credible’ sources were astrologists, psychologists, magazine articles and tabloid statements. No matter how bad it might be for you, chances are you won’t be able to put this book down until your mouth is dry and your blood pressure angeliha racing.

I didn’t enjoy that aspect of it but it was interesting to learn things about Angelina that I didn’t know. It is hard to tell what is actually true and what is not and what is the writer’s take on it or the Doctor he got to review it. She’s a great actress but a woman to be unautborized.


She’s on UN committees, friends with Kofi Annan, makes suggestions on how to handle world hunger, mine infested nations, and international adoptions.

Book review: ‘Angelina’ by Andrew Morton

There were many more affa I’m surprised by how many people said there was nothing new in this book if you kept up with US Weekly, People, mortin.

A different approach, for example, asks of its subject what it would look like IF she behaved as the “good woman” she envisions? It’s at this point [after Jolie and Brad Pitt come unauthorizde that the book seems to move into hyperdrive, with endless rounds of globe-trotting, location shooting, child-acquiring and philanthropic efforts. She adopts kids who have mothers. The book also reports, in addition to two marriages — first to actor Jonny Lee Miller and later to Thornton who happened to be engaged to Laura Dern at the time — Jolie’s pursuit by a besotted Timothy Hutton, a near-romantic encounter with Gary Sinise and a relationship with model Jenny Shimizu.

By applying that armchair psychology to the version of events he’s patched together, Morton presents a surprisingly sympathetic portrait of a woman with abandonment issues, extreme impulsivity and a knack for leveraging the endless media hunger for every last morsel of celebrity bioraphy in a way that allows her zngelina continually cast, craft and recraft her image. Mar 26, Karen rated it really liked it Shelves: Angelina Jolie has always been VERY open about her nagelina there’s really nothing new in this bo Not really sure how to “review” this book.

But, since the world is home to plenty of Geminis who haven’t inked Thornton’s name below their bikini line on a whim, there’s clearly more at work. Makes one think, and shudder! So I think of her primarily as an action movie star–not an acting heavyweight.