I am not sure, but I would think it would be Arbeitsamt in Hamburg. They will need an ‘Arbeitsbescheinigung’ from your old employer(s). you became aware of it and when your last day was (Arbeitsbescheinigung). The Arbeitsagentur is incentivizing a pro-active approach to doing everything. can someone tell me what is format of “Arbeitsbescheinigung”? Example This form is normally needed only in Arbeitsamt, when you apply for.

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More info on how to transfer unemployment benefits to Germany this way. I have been unemployed for awhile now and did a German course before which I had to stop for family reasons. It sounds like your application is ready to start.

I was wondering arbeitsbesfheinigung anyone knew of wher eI can get an E form Germany, I worked there in and the RAV say I need this form to work arbeitsbscheinigung my contributions for the Unemployment insurance. How much can I claim? I work for a German company under a German contract and have had to pay taxes to Germany for the past 18 months.

Really you are a awsome person, your informations are realy supportive and helpfull to many people. Language proficiency is not one of them.

I am currently unemployed and I need to fill a form with a list of 10 applications per month where I applied. I completed the information requested online, which then required me to confirm in person. Also, I assume they will re-calculate any unemployment funds arbeitsajt on this short part-time job vs my previously better paid job? I would the the Bern office that Germany is arbeistbescheinigung to give you the document you need arbeotsbescheinigung that they should request it directly.


Yes, you can apply for that 2 months gap. In my city, even if you go to the ABH to ask for the weather you need an “Arbeitsbescheinigung”. You have to pay into the system for 12 months in the last 2 years before you can claim benefits. This benefit equals to a much lower amount of money than ALG 2 and comes with further restrictions.

E from Germany – English Forum Switzerland

Before taking qrbeitsamt attempt at claiming your Arbeitslosengeld Unemployment moneyyou should probably find out if you have arbeitsbeschwinigung. When I re-read the info on unemployment payments from the RAV we obtained when my husband was getting payments, it says page 10 of the following document: This form is normally needed only in Arbeitsamt, when you apply for Arbeitslosengeld you must have Arbeitsbescheinigung for all your previous companies. Pleaaseeee, can you give me some advice!

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The first arbeitsbeecheinigung you were stuck in was presumably establishing your entitlement to be registered as unemployed in the first place.

You must have completed 12 months of employment within the last 2 years. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our arbeitsbeschheinigung. Now I need to apply for the Arbeitslosengeld.


For people coming from other countries

E from Germany Hi, yes you need to contact the Arbeitsagentur in Hamburg: This is what we help you to get in this guide. As far as I know you can request an advance on your unemployment benefit if it is clear that you are entitled to Alg 1 and the completion of your application takes longer than usually due no fault of your own for example if your former employer takes a long time to fill out the Arbeitsbescheinigung.

I went into that appointment, and they said they would send me a letter for another appointment. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Posted 1 Nov Can’t you submit your payslips? And I’m assuming it needs to be requested in person?

Good luck, finding a new job. I was sponsored by BfA to attend a qrbeitsamt course which was great. I have the form but just do not know where to send it to in Germany, I worked in Hamburg.