The Gramophone Choice. Joyce DiDonato (mez) Ariodante Karina Gauvin (sop) Ginevra Sabina Puértolas (sop) Dalinda Marie-Nicole. Handel, a German composer, became a superstar in London, England, by writing Italian operas. Ariodante, one of his best, was premiered in.

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Retrieved 4 August Through much of the s, and into the 30s, Handel basically ran his own opera company — with support from wealthy subscribers, hahdel from England’s King George I. The German-born Handel had brought Italian opera to London stages for the first time in with his opera Rinaldo.

Handel House – Handel’s Operas: Ariodante

By latethings had changed. Alan CurtisIl Complesso Barocco.

Alone, Dalinda expresses her remorse Aria: Retrieved 1 August Marc MinkowskiLes Musiciens du Louvre. Charles Cudworth has discussed the influence sriodante French dance music in the opera. Orrida a gl’occhi miei and leaves. Archived from the original on 2 June Dalinda admits her part in the plot.

It’s night, in the garden outside Ginevra’s palace apartment. Ivor BoltonBayerisches Staatsorchester.

Editor Ebenezer Prout If you are a library, university or other organisation that would be interested in an institutional subscription to Gramophone please click here for further information. Ann Murray gives a committed performance as the unhinged Ariodante and displays a physical and vocal virtuosity only occasionally vitiated by a harsh tone.

A word book published for these two performances has the Italian text of the interpolated arias, but not an English translation as there was not time to prepare and publish one.

The Politics of Opera in Handel’s Britain. The plot was taken, like Orlando, from Ariosto and is the only hadel by Handel set in the United Kingdom, based as it is in Edinburgh. The English Concert gave semi-staged performances in in the U.


Scandal in Scotland: Handel’s ‘Ariodante’ : NPR

Meanwhile, the lovebirds Ginevra and Ariodante are entertained by a chorus of shepherds and shepherdesses. Watching this, Ariodante sees exactly what Polinesso wanted him to see, and he draws ariodanfe sword to stab himself.

Word comes that Ariodante has been seen ariodantf from a gandel into the ocean, and is dead. Ariodante, horrified at this apparent betrayal, is about to kill himself by falling on his sword when Lurcanio, who has also been duped, rushes forward and prevents him throwing away his life for aiodante worthless woman. When Ariodante furiously reaches for his sword at these outrageous words, Polinesso promises to substantiate his charge: Ginevra, in the apartment to which she has been confined, is giving way to despair when the King joyfully arrives to tell her she is vindicated: It then went unperformed until a revival in Stuttgart in Dalinda, who is secretly in love with Polinesso, advises him that his rival is Prince Ariodante but also advises handwl that all he has to do is open his eyes to see someone else who hanvel him Aria: Polinesso knocks on the secret door to the royal apartments, and in answer to his signal Dalinda, disguised as Ginevra, lets him in and closes the door.

Still, back at the palace, Ginevra is sentenced to death for her supposed disloyalty. They are joined by shepherds and shepherdesses Duet with chorus: Lurcanio, Ariodante’s brother, then appears to Dalinda and declares his love for her Aria: Lurcanio then arrives, bitterly claiming that his brother’s death is Ginevra’s fault.

A General History Of Music: Neghittosi or voi che fate? From The Earliest Ages to the Present. A copy of this unique word book is in the collection of the Handel House Museum. Ginevra, bewildered at the charge and at his rejection of her, goes out of her mind. Ariodante drives Polinesso’s henchmen away, and Dalinda reveals the truth to him — it was she, disguised as Ginevra, who ariodaante Polinesso into her bedroom.


During the first few decades of the s, Italian opera may have been London’s hottest ticket, and Handel’s operas were the most popular of them all. Ginevra, daughter of the King, is in love with and betrothed to Prince Ariodante.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4. Before long, Dalinda opens Ginevra’s door, dressed in Ginevra’s clothes, and quietly lets Polinesso in. Ariodante was given eleven performances in its original run, a mark of success for the time, and was revived by Handel for his season.

Dite spera, e son contento. On this recording, it’s performed by the late Lorraine Hunt-Lieberson. The act ends with the betrothed royal couple expressing their happiness and calling upon the nymphs and shepherds to celebrate their joy in dance and song.

The Gramophone Choice: Handel’s Ariodante

It’s Ariodante, who tells everyone what he has just learned from Dalinda. Hahdel that’s not because it was translated for English-speaking audiences. Fortunately, he had an alternative venue — a brand new theater in a place that’s now synonymous with opera in London: