This presentation is about ARM processor. It include it’s architecture,it’s ISA and pipelining structure. The programmer’s interface to the hardware. □ Two CPUs as example. ▫ ARM processor: ARM version 7. ▫ SHARK. □. Digital signal processor (DSP). Analog Devices recently introduced eight SHARC processors as part of a new, high-performance, power-efficient, real-time series that delivers peak.

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Matches may occur up to about kHz. But I would agree that the fast RAM supply is a bit skimpy and unfortunately not contiguous. Flash programming procedure is extremely slow. I don’t know why you say it’s not bit. Can anyone else provide some insight on the matter?

If the code is executed from flash, the effective speed is about If it does have them, then the price to pay would sharrc added complexity of needing bootloading from an external flash or other storage. Hardware buffers are required to block the outputs until the CPU will be fully initialized.

Another route is the Analog Devices Blackfin which you might like because their are some open source tools not common for DSPs and even some ‘open source’ hardware. So the TI eZdsp makes my happy since I just jumper it’s headers to breadboards filled with whatever add-ons I need. Sounds like you don’t like the F Have you worked with any others like the 56k parts for power stage driving? Arduino Robotics Lonnie Honeycutt. I don’t think it’s PIC-like.

I can prlcessors spend my time writing and learning a whole lot, or pulling my hair trying to figure out how to get someone else’s stuff to work. This capability is especially relevant in consumer, automotive, and professional audio where the algorithms related to stereo channel processing can effectively utilize the SIMD architecture. Slow external bus, no cache. I started learning uC programming with that horrid thing. I could focus on doing stuff right away on a MHz chip rather than arrm whole lot of groundwork just to get the thing running.


But it does have a bit more RAM, so I might end up using it just for that.

However I do agree that it’s not the best dsp at actual dsp-ing! Chronological Newest First Hello, I’ve been looking for a good entry point to programming embedded devices as a sample project I want to build a digital guitar pedal for say In a recent thread I gave these links: Reply Start a New Thread.

This is still a ‘new’ project -jg Reply Start a New Thread.

SHARC vs ARM dev board, audio

This hardware extension to first generation SHARC processors doubles the processors of computational resources available to the system programmer.

Second generation products contain dual multipliers, ALUs, shifters, and data register files – significantly increasing overall system performance in a variety of applications.

I’ve thought about building all that in a FPGA, but that would present problems with maintainability. Not a low-power CPU for sure. Not much, especially for the DSP tasks.

Makes me think that for relatively simple stuff RS, I2C, etc. Please Select proecssors Region. You proceswors use the benefits of the high clock rate only if the code is executed from the internal RAM.

The CPU requires the dual power supply with sequencing. The CPU is 3. So there is a way for TI to scale up the speed from the F without worrying about the flash.


That is all fairly easy on the F Yeah, that’s why you have to put the fast code in fast RAM.

How do they compare? Every time I look at Blackfin it seems so media-oriented. Plus, the F makes everything else a cinch like implementing a communications interface that is both machine and human understandable. There could be the intermittent states of the PWM outputs at the startup.

Many of the 28xx family members do not have the MsBSP port. I’m also turned off my the usual reports of bugs in libraries and so forth. Flash wait states are limiting the performance.

Is that a chip bug? This thing is nice. Previous 1 2 Next. It can’t hurt though, to have those FPU instructions available in case.

SHARC Processors

Look at the CPU registers. I don’t know if the F instruction set is very “orthogonal” my brief flirtations with its assembly language suggests it’s not verybut it’s certainly nowhere near the PIC league of klunkers. The memory is addressed as bits, and the external interface is 16 bits wide.

The internal ADC is crap. Seems like an Ok arrangement. That’s all I want. It is rare to see any 32 but uC FLASH over Mhz, and often real memory bandwidth is quite a way below that, when wait states and cache effects are added. I guess that will be difficult.