Arthur Posnansky enjoys a rather ambiguous status in contemporary Bolivian archaeology. On the one hand, he is hailed as the father of the South American. Arthur Posnansky, followed by Kurt Bilau have proposed a date of circa BC as the date of fall of Tiwanaku. There are also reports of pre-Incan structures. Tihuanacu, the Cradle of American Man, Vols. I and II. Arthur Posnansky. New York: J. J. Augustin, – Volume 13 Issue 4Part1 – W. C. Bennett.

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See the reconstructed figure, Fig. In that age, especially in the first period, they did not yet build houses; their temples were semi-subterranean buildings. In the course of these writings losnansky used the term Nordic-Atlantean implying a belief qrthur Atlantis. Much before and also after the studies undertaken by the author begun before scholars and others who laid claim to such a title, thought of determining the age of the remains of remote periods through the principles of astronomy.

Posnansky, Arthur [WorldCat Identities]

They no doubt had their origin in the Tertiary period when the continent emerged for the first time, suspending waters of the ocean and forming the mountain ranges. Prior to that, stone from the site was used in the construction of nearby homes and a church. The total width from north to south is: An overview, including a video, of the origins of Antarctica commencing when it was part of the Gondwana, the supercontinent, can be viewed online n.

Published September 26, I grant anyone the right to use this work for any purposewithout any conditions, unless such agthur are required by law.

Arthur Posnansky |

EissmannArthur Posnansky made a similar suggestion around the same time. Ludendorff also carried out studies with us in Tihuanacu. Public domain Public domain false false. Con un plano y cuatro grabados by Arthur Posnansky Book 4 poxnansky published in in Spanish and Undetermined and held by 26 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Ingeniero Arthur Posnansky en Evidently, this rabble had to include the usual aliens did everything crowd, as seen on the fine TV show that is Ancient Aliens.



So, y’know, grab your shovels and start digging and you might find Atlantis! Published March 27, From this fact it can be presumed that no great space of time intervened between one period and the other. Atlantologists also use the exact same “evidence” as the alien enthusiasts, but replace the benevolent aliens from Alpha Centauri with equally benevolent or patronising, depending on your point of view refugees from Atlantis.

The results of these investigations were published in books such as The Islands of Titicaca and Koati and Rasas y monumentos prehistoricos del Altiplano Andino. Arthur Posnansky Bolivian historian, explorer and businessman. Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on? It should be pointed out that the block from which this notable monument was carved, is composed of andesitic hornblende, vitreous and very hard lava, which, polished as it was in that period, required several thousands of years to,wear away in the form in which we see it today.

Fig 11 Many pages could be written to enumerate the destructive effects of erosion on the blocks of Tihuanacu which, notwithstanding the quality of the material of which they were composed, and the period during which they were protected from the exterior elements, suffered the effects of time in an intense fashion.

This place, then, is the most elevated one in the interior of the temple and without doubt designates the most important place of the “sanctum sanctorum”. This we published in a communication sent to the Twenty-third International Convention of Americanists, meeting in New York City that same year. They studied the extinction of species around BC in addition to the high altitude development of agriculture around the planet at approximately the same time.

Fiction over fact Pseudohistory. One of the proofs with which we can also reinforce our assertion concerning the enormous age of Artnur, is that in the folklore of the Altiplano nothing is related of traditions which allude even remotely to the origin and object of that magnificent metropolis.


Afterwards there occurred that other inclination so enigmatic a short time ago of the last opsnansky lake or Lake Tihuanacu the shore line of which posnajsky we have pointed out, we followed on one of our last expeditions for kilometers. Published December 15, In the light of this discussion it is very difficult to think that the culture of man on the Altiplano and the construction of his magnificent metropolis belongs to a relatively recent epoch.

Others have expanded on her work, but usually in Spanish.

Arthur Posnansky

These few introductory words will explain to the posnaansky in a summary fashion how the basis for calculating the probable age of Tihuanacu was obtained.

The total length of Kalasasaya from east to west without the balcony wall is: However, if we examine this phenomenon with precision instruments, we note a difference of approximately eighteen angular minutes, which represents the change in the obliquity of the ecliptic between that of the period in which Kalasasaya was built and that which it has today.

During this time, Posnansky introduced the first car to Bolivia. The most remarkable collection of early photos of the Tiwanku site can be found on the Above Top Secret website b. Jim Atrhur has included an posnanssky article on the life and research of Posnansky, pownansky excerpts from his work a.

This book and his personal efforts also contributed significantly to the eventual preservation of the site at a time when it was being very badly damaged by neglect, stone-quarrying, and looting. The controversial c Fuente Magna bowl is also offered as evidence of this idea. I prefer to accept the words of Plato, who unambiguously noted on two occasions that Atlantean territory stretched from southern Italy to North Africa, providing more rational launching pads for attacks on Greece and Egypt.