Tihuanacu: The Cradle of American Man [Prof. Ing. Arthur Posnansky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. By Dave Truman Arthur Posnansky enjoys a rather ambiguous status in remains of Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco) and the surrounding Altiplano of the High Andes. T iwanaku (T iahuanaco) is an ancient city whose remains are located over two miles above sea level near the southern end of Lake Titicaca.

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Since these ruins were already debris in the period of the Inca Empire, capricious commentaries and conjectures were made about their existence and the men who built them, and especially about their age.

They studied the extinction of species around BC in addition to the high altitude development of agriculture around the planet at approximately the same time. We consider this matter in greater detail in another of our works. He had some ideas regarding race and evolution a. I prefer to accept the words of Plato, tiahjanaco unambiguously noted on two occasions that Atlantean territory stretched from southern Italy to North Africa, providing more rational launching pads for attacks on Greece and Egypt.

Farrell, who went further and managed to tie it all in with flying saucers, Edgar Cayce and the Kennedy assassination w x.

Arthur Posnansky |

Afterwards there occurred that other inclination so enigmatic a short time ago of the last post-glacial lake or Lake Tihuanacu the shore line of which a we have pointed out, we followed on one of our last expeditions for kilometers. During the Third Reich was requested by Heinrich Himmler to take a team of researchers from the Ahnenerbe to continue his studies at Tiahuanaco but the expedition was called off.

He is best known for his work at Tiahuanaco Tiwanaku in the Bolivian Andes. The aforementioned difference of eighteen angular minutes noted in Kalasasaya is the basis for our calculations and this coefficient was applied to a curve constituted on the basis of the formula of extrapolation recommended by the Ephemeris Conference of Paris in the year and which is as follows: This is the prolongation of Lake Titicaca in the overflower.

And now to return to the method which the priest-astronomers of Tihuanacu may have used, we should call attention to an extremely important fact. They perceived clear evidence of a global catastrophe in the tenth millennium BC in worldwide myths. From what has been discussed in previous chapters, there is not the least doubt that this building was indeed built on the astronomic meridian and its angles were the points marked exactly by the amplitude of the sun between the solstices.


Andrew Collins is another writer who was initially attracted to the Antarctica hypothesis, but eventually opted for Cuba as the location of Atlantis.

Posnansky’s ideas about Tiwanaku having been a full-fledged city with a large permanent population, rather than only a seasonally occupied ceremonial center, and its abandonment having been the result of prehistoric climatic change are widely accepted in principle.

Posnansky also saw Tiwanaku as the origin point of civilization throughout the Americas, including the Inca, the Maya and others. Allen claims that the large plain to the west of the lake is the plain mentioned by Plato as being adjacent to the city of Atlantis. Many of these claims did not originate overnight and can be traced back to a man named Arthur Posnansky, an engineer and amateur archaeologist who visited the site and did some research on it during the s.

However, we must keep our feet on the ground and realise that while this new discovery may be evidence for crustal displacement, it does not add to the concept of Atlantis in Antarctica. It is evident beyond a doubt that the inhabitants of Tihuanacu knew animals now extinct, which they reproduced faithfully by stylizing them on their ceramics and other plastic works. A gigantic image of red sandstone completely covered with inscriptions was found in the little temple of the First Period; this was a primitive rustic idol like those found near it, and had been retouched, one would say, during the Second, or more probably, during the Third Period.

XI where the studies were published: At this time, he was deeply involved in cognate studies.

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T iwanaku T iahuanaco itahuanaco an ancient city whose remains are located over two miles above sea level near the southern end of Lake Titicaca on the Altiplano of Bolivia. T he C radle of A merican M an, in four volumes [ ]. During the colonial period, many of Tiwanaku’s sculptures were defaced, moved or destroyed by the Spanish, and the site was also quarried to a tlahuanaco extent by locals who used the blocks for their houses.

As captain aryhur owner of the shallow-draught steamer and blockade runnerIrisPosnansky rescued the survivors of the Acre garrison during the Acre Campaign in Brazil. That they would try it in reed boats like those of Titicaca is equally daft. Blackwell Publishers, Cambridge, United Kingdom. This sacred symbol, like the cross of the Redeemer posnanssky Christian religion, spread from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska.


After being wounded and captured by Brazilian forces, he escaped and became a refugee in Europe. Many pages could be written to enumerate the destructive effects of erosion on the blocks of Tihuanacu which, notwithstanding the quality of the material of which they were composed, and the period during which they were protected from the exterior elements, suffered the effects of time in an intense fashion.

If one wished to collect all of the ideas about the great age of the civilization of Tihuanacu with the attendant bases and proofs, one could fill a whole book. It was the realisation of this, however belatedly, by the late Colin Wilson that led him to withdraw his support for the Antarctic location. In conclusion, she found the Antarctic location the most credible j. We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search. But this is the case only at the present time, because the terraces of the artificial hill of Akapana which formerly were supported by retaining walls, are crumbled.

Had this metropolis been built at an elevation above sea level like that found today, it would arthru had an inclement climate and one unsuitable for human life, as is seen in that of the present time, with its atmospheric phenomena so injurious to the development of agriculture and posnannsky raising.

Atlantologists also use the exact same “evidence” as the alien enthusiasts, but replace the benevolent aliens from Alpha Centauri with equally benevolent or patronising, depending on your point of view refugees from Atlantis.

It is not a new thing to study the age of archaeological monuments by astronomical means. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. To those who wish to know what our working companion, Dr.