Being Committed: A Novel [Anna Maxted] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A hopeless unromantic gets a crash course in love in the fourth . Editions. Being Committed. Paperback Being Committed . Anna Maxted · Paperback · Ebook. View more editions. Buy from Buy from. When private investigator Hannah Lovekin’s boyfriend of five years proposes marriage, she turns him down, only to realize soon after that she does want him.

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The author kept going off into long-winded asides and the humour seemed forced.

Being Committed

The back cover claimed that this was Anna Maxted’s best novel up to now but when can you ever believe a book cover? Let me tell you, I did not expect to start laughing with such force that my boyfriend came from the other room to see what was the matter, only to see me smiling, gasping for air, with tears flowing from my eyes, and my arms clutching my sides.

Once her past is revealed, her behaviour towards her mother completely changes and that happened too fast to be believable. I maxtec I won’t be reading any more books from her though.

The entire book is basically just “what Hannah thinks about things” and it’s hard to stay focussed or interested. Hannah has to eventually confront her fears of commitment which lead to some startling personal discoveries. Hannah is a committec with a healthy fear of intimacy. Both were about unlikeable single-gal detectives though “Mystery” was set in Irelandand the glass-half-full theme prevails.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Sep 18, Charlotte rated it really liked it. Aug 02, Amanda rated it liked it. This book causes you to think inside yourself about your relationships and commitment. Jun 25, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: I didn’t really enjoy how this author wrote.


Why do authors keep doing that to me? This isn’t a page turner. Aug 09, Anna rated it liked it. The story had too many flashbacks, over explanation of character layers, and I couldn’t keep up with the many tangents that never paid off.

This book annoyed me! I just wish it would have had a bit more of a rush to it, something to make ccommitted a little more exciting or intense. The story itself however didn’t have a lot of action or gravity to it.

What is it when British people? She spends much of the book evaluating her purpose and role in her own immediate family and this helps her to move forward. Want to Cmmitted Currently Reading Read.

Being Committed by Anna Maxted

Not only are they easier to get into and stay for a while, but the people are so much less selfish! Plus, she liked both Jack and Jason and took forever to realize who she really wanted to be with. So not too bad overall.

Discover what to read next. There was a lot of self analysis of Hannah, the main character.

Detailed Review Summary of Being Committed by Anna Maxted

William Morrow Paperbacks Availability: Anyhow there were some funny moments in the book, such as when Jason proposed to Hannah. Hannah’s family is acting like she blew the one fluky chance she had of hooking a permanent manand maybe – just maybe – there’s something in Jason’s theory that being committed means first coming to terms with your past. At that time, she was married to Jack and cheated on him. Paperbackpages. New J moves on. When he proposes and she rejects his proposal within a few weeks he is proposed to someone else.


Maxted doesn’t need an early summer release date to get books moving—expect this to hit bestseller lists as well as beach towels.

She writes female contemporary fiction which is viewed to be at the high end of the chick lit market. I’m a raddled old divorcee consumed with bitterness and regret.

I liked her from the beginning. Then, ona romantic weekend retreat to a faux-ancient castle,Jason proposes marriage, leaving Hannah with nochoice but the obvious: But then I began to warm to these silly characters weighed down by the baggage of their past.

He also had the power to shoot it out of the sky. Ten years is a very long time. I really need to start using my time for better things.

Being Committed Book Summary and Study Guide

I was slightly inclined to not want her to end up with either of the potential mates because they both seemed to be jerks in different sorts of ways. Will she jump through his hoops or will maxter find her I really liked it. He just struck me as the typical handsome, mysterious sort of male character.

All of a sudden she changes the way she dresses, puts more effort into her appearance and tries to be nice. May 30, Bloomreader rated it it was ok.