View Notes – wheelockkey from LATIN at University of Texas, Arlington. http :/ Benissimus’ Wheelock’s Answer http:/ Wheelock’s books to order, as well as a great list of helpful links. Benissimus’ Wheelock’s Answers – A free answer key for Wheelock’s exercises. 5 days ago looking for, from the many other titlesof Wheelock Latin Workbook Answer Key Benissimus’ Wheelock’s Answers – A Wheelock Answer Key.

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Give our son and daughters a pardon. Everyone thinks the same thing. Let a proud emperor not believe himself to be more fortunate than the most humble man. Indeed, they say that much is to be ready, not many. They say that this author leads a very humble life here. Quis est qui sine dolore teneat operum spem faciendorum? Leisure without literature is death. Dixit litteras numquam esse scriptas. Ibi corpus sub terra remanebit. Among all the dangers, that woman composed herself with wisdom. That man weelock dares to teach the great virtue of work and study.

On that day, I called the bravest and most patriotic i. Care follows growing money and a rich man sleeps badly. He himself was hastening to them and sent wheelkck horsemen ahead of himself.

Regina illa amica ibi non diu remansit. After Tarquinius was driven out, the Bneissimus people could not hear the name of a king.

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He asked why they ever left the city. When shall we have enough wisdom? The boys and girls have been praised by their mothers and fathers because of good deeds. SuperKids 1 Unit 8 Ans My brother will always spend his life in leisure. We can see duties and wisdom with the eyes of the spirit. How will we be able to be safe and free in perpetual wheelick Hortabamur consulem ad civitatem serviendam ac conservandam dignitatem nostram oppugnandis his iniuriis.


Each best man is more willing to do than to speak.

Can we be safe, O gods, in wicked treachery and great destruction? It is easy to write epigrams neatly, but to write a book is difficult. So great is the force of probity that we love it even in an enemy. Can money and leisure overcome the concerns of human life?

In the triumph, Caesar displayed this placard: If his treachery were not lying open, we would fear his sword most greatly. But we ourselves, having suffered many evils, tried to persuade those angry men to release the slaves from chains and not to hurt anyone. Cicero de sua vita mortisque natura idem sentiebat et dicebat.

Benissimus’ Wheelock’s Answers

The delay was conquering our spirits and we did not possess the cure. I have persuaded the king to gladly give rather pleasing rewards to your sister and brother. Those two men threw out all desire from within themselves, for they feared the nature of the body. I do not compare a man who conquers his pride and contains his anger with the greatest men, but I say that he is similar to a god. All decisions and deeds are to be directed by us toward the advantage of life.


We never waged difficult wars without wisdom and mercy. Are you sane enough? What crimes do we see? I now sing new songs about youth for maidens and boys. I now sing new songs about youth for maidens and boys. Quare nunc vult suis duobus nocere amicis?

Themistocles, though he had freed Greece from Persian slavery and because of jealousy had been driven into exile, did not bear the injury to his ungrateful fatherland that he should have borne. Do you hold money and your own affairs before the republic?

Tertium scriptoris carmen dixit esse tam pulchrum ut milium civium delectaret mentes. Now we certainly know that those harsh minds offer the sword in exchange for peace. These men truly think about the destruction of this state and of the entire world. Harsh exile will not be able to soften so bitter a mind in one year.

Brave men and women wheelodk before our time. Si illi quattuor milites nos secuti essent, ponere arma in navis non ausi essemus. Cicero de gloria alterius uxorisque scribebat.