Bioprocess Engineering Principles | Pauline M. Doran Ph.D. | ISBN: Bioprocess Engineering Principles (Englisch) Taschenbuch – .. Paul Castro . 5,0 von. Bioprocess Engineering Principles is a book written by Pauline M Doran. This book attempts to present the various principles behind bioprocess engineering in . Pauline M. Doran [2] Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook, eighth ed., McGraw-Hill, [3] T.K. [7] G.C. Paul, M.A. Priede, C.R. Thomas, Relationship between morphology and citric acid production in submerged Aspergillus niger.

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Research Publications – Bristol-Myers Squibb

Dapagliflozin in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes: Nivolumab alone and nivolumab plus ipilimumab in recurrent small-cell lung cancer CheckMate Characteristic rotational behaviors of rod-shaped cargo revealed by automated five-dimensional single particle tracking. A carbon dioxide stripping model for mammalian cell culture in manufacturing scale bioreactors. A polychromatic turbidity microplate assay to distinguish discovery stage drug molecules with beneficial precipitation properties.

Kinesiophobia and physical therapy-related pain in musculoskeletal pain: Tumor and Microenvironment Evolution during Immunotherapy with Nivolumab. Chromatography-based methods for determining molar extinction coefficients of cytotoxic payload drugs and drug antibody ratios of antibody drug conjugates.


Medical Writing Competency Model – Section 2: Principoes extraction LC-MS for small-molecule drug quantification: Fernandes A, Li YW. Monoclonal antibody higher order structure analysis by high throughput protein conformational array. Post-hoc analysis of concomitant add-on versus sequential add-on to metformin and of triple versus dual therapy with metformin.

Research Publications

Biochemical and biophysical characterization of cell-free synthesized Rift Valley fever virus nucleoprotein capsids enables in vitro screening to identify novel antivirals. Findings from a US Observational Cohort.

Epub Jan 4. Nivolumab and Ipilimumab in Advanced Melanoma. Outcomes associated with warfarin time in therapeutic range among US veterans with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation.

Biochemical Reaction Engineering – BIOTECH EBOOKS for FREE DOWNLOAD

Safety assessment of propylparaben in juvenile rats. Transiently increased glutamate cycling in rat PFC is associated with rapid onset of antidepressant-like effects. Simultaneous determination of trace concentrations of aldehydes and carboxylic acids in particulate matter. Tabora JE, Domagalski N. Reversal of apixaban anticoagulation by four-factor prothrombin complex concentrates in healthy subjects: Dasatinib in imatinib-resistant or -intolerant chronic-phase, chronic myeloid leukemia patients: Epub Dec 8.

Assessment of cervical passage of vital dyes in pregnant, nonpregnant, and mated rats and mice. Evaluation of comparative effectiveness research: Dual roles for regulatory T cell depletion and co-stimulatory signaling in agonistic GITR targeting for tumor immunotherapy.


Antibody-Drug Conjugates as Cancer Therapeutics: Gradient elution behavior of proteins in hydrophobic interaction chromatography with U-shaped retention factor curves. Lymphoma in acquired generalized lipodystrophy.

Forced degradation of recombinant monoclonal antibodies: Identification and synthesis of potent and selective pyridyl-isoxazole based agonists of sphingosinephosphate 1 S1P1. A Quantitative Targeted Proteomics Study. Methods applied in cost-effectiveness models for treatment strategies in type 2 diabetes mellitus and their use in Health Technology Assessments: The role of ADME pharmacogenomics in early clinical trials: Close Icon Americas Triangle Icon.

Modernizing Clinical Trial Eligibility Criteria: Epub Aug 4.

Rapid reversal of innate immune dysregulation in blood of patients and livers of humanized mice with HCV following DAA therapy. Network meta-analysis of treatments for type 2 diabetes mellitus following failure with metformin plus sulfonylurea. Impact of moisture and magnesium stearate functionality on manufacturability of wet granulated metformin tablets.

Incidence of venous thromboembolism in France: Epub Jan 6.