This IPO in and was worth $4 Billion. The IPO Prospectus includes all the relevant information for the IPO. Condition is very good, age: , approx Blackstone sold million of its new units to a small army of underwriters — 17 were named in the latest prospectus — raising $ billion. The KIIDs can be obtained on the website For the factors set out in the section of the Prospectus entitled “Risk Factors”. In view of.

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We may ippo experience fluctuations in our results from quarter to quarter due to a number of other factors, including changes in the values of our funds’ investments, changes in the amount of distributions, dividends or interest paid in respect of investments, changes in our operating expenses, the degree to which we encounter competition and general economic and market conditions.

Nevertheless, when conducting due diligence and making an assessment regarding an investment, we rely on the resources available to us, including information provided by the target of the investment and, in some circumstances, third-party investigations. Moreover, such an investigation will not necessarily result in the investment being successful.

UPDATE 3-Blackstone Group files for $4 billion IPO

Poor performance of our investment funds would cause a decline in our revenue, income and cash flow, may obligate us to repay carried interest prkspectus paid to us, and could adversely affect our ability to raise capital for future investment funds.

Our asset management business competes with a number of private equity funds, specialized investment funds, hedge funds, corporate buyers, traditional asset managers, commercial banks, investment banks and other financial institutions. In addition, we regularly rely on exemptions from various requirements of the U.

Tomilson Hill, and other key senior managing directors, the information and deal flow they and other senior managing directors generate during the normal course of their activities and the synergies among the diverse fields of expertise and knowledge held by our professionals.

Throughout our year history as a privately-owned firm, our management structure has reflected strong central leadership and active involvement by our senior management. Our common units have been bblackstone for listing, subject to official notice of proslectus, on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “BX.


For example, changes in antitrust laws or the enforcement of antitrust laws could iipo the level of mergers and acquisitions activity and changes in state laws may limit investment activities i;o state pension plans. Dionne manages our distressed securities hedge fund, Manish Mittal manages our equity hedge fund and Punita Kumar-Sinha manages our closed-end mutual funds. Furthermore, such conditions would also increase the risk of default with respect to investments held by our investment funds that have significant debt investments, such as our mezzanine funds, senior debt vehicles and distressed securities hedge prospecuts.

Prior to this offering we effected our reorganization into a holding partnership structure described in “Organizational Structure. Schwarzman and James, have served on the investment committees of many of our funds and intend to continue to serve on those investment committees, which are responsible for approving or overseeing all investment decisions made on behalf of those funds. As a result, allegations of improper conduct by private litigants or regulators, whether the ultimate prospectux is favorable or unfavorable to us, as well as negative publicity and press speculation about us, our investment activities or the private equity industry in general, whether or not valid, may harm our reputation, which may be more damaging to our business than to other types of businesses.

Our disaster recovery programs may not be sufficient to mitigate the harm that may result from such a disaster or disruption. State Investment Company is subject to, and will close concurrently with, the completion of this offering. Distributions in respect of these equity interests may not equal the cash distributions previously received by our senior managing directors prior to this offering.

The Blackstone Group L. Our profitability may also be adversely affected by our fixed costs and the possibility that we would be unable to scale back other costs within a time frame sufficient to match any decreases in revenue relating to changes in market and economic conditions.

Before making investments in private equity and other investments, we conduct due diligence that we deem reasonable and appropriate based on the facts and circumstances applicable to each investment.

blackstone group lp

Accordingly, immediately following prospectua offering and the sale of non-voting common units to the State Investment Company, investors prpspectus this offering will own Equity Awards to All Employees. Accordingly, we will no longer record the non-controlling interests’ share of these fund’s partners’ capital and net income. These risks are exacerbated by our funds’ use of leverage to finance investments.


For example, in we entered into a partnership with the founders of BlackRock Inc. Our partnership agreement limits the liability of, and reduces or eliminates the duties including fiduciary duties owed by, our general partner to our common unitholders.

Availability of capital from the high-yield debt markets is subject to significant volatility, and there may be times when we might not be able to access those markets at attractive rates, or at all, when completing an investment. A disaster or a disruption in the infrastructure. Consequently, these regulations often serve to limit our activities. Even if an investigation or proceeding did not result in a sanction or the sanction imposed against us or our personnel by a regulator were small in monetary amount, the adverse publicity relating to the investigation, proceeding or imposition of these sanctions could harm our reputation and cause us to lose existing clients or fail to gain new asset management or financial advisory clients.

The ability of many of our investment funds, particularly our corporate private equity funds, to dispose of investments is heavily dependent on the public equity markets.

blackstone group lp Archives – Prospectus

If we were to have a realization event in a particular quarter, it may have a blacksotne impact on our results for that particular quarter which may not be replicated in subsequent quarters. For example, larger transactions may be more difficult to finance, and exiting larger deals may present challenges in many cases.

We have decided to become a public company: Changes in values attributed to investments from quarter to quarter may result in volatility in the net asset values and results of operations that we report from period to period. Company News and Press Releases.