He published Therapeutic Pocket Book in , wherein he incorporated to the ever enlarging Materia Medica, Dr Boenninghausen picked up the gauntlet. Boenninghausen’s therapeutic pocket book[btpb]. 1. Presented By: Dr. Vandana. B. E PG, Dept. of Repertory (Part 1 Guided By: Dr. Rita. Excerpt from Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocket-Book for Homeopathic Physicians, to Use at the Bedside and in the Study of the Materia Medica The lists of.

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Roberts, and an Indian edition of the same from about It is divided into the following sections: The remedy Pockett is listed in the remedy list as “Kreos” but is abbreviated as “Creos” as Bonninghausen did in the rubrics.

Add it to your MacRepertory today! Now, the first repertory to be printed in this new millennium is TBR contains a page section of end-notes that defines each rubric and how and why it was translated as such. No rubrics are carried over from left to right column or from one page to the next—meaning that all you want to see is right there in one column tnerapeutic one page.

Is this a failing?

He taught materia medica at his alma mater. It is but 1 inch thick. For a limited time, we are offering the TBR2 at a very special discounted price. He was also Director of a Homoeopathic Insane Asylum in Middletown, New York, which for decades was a centre for the research and treatment of mental disease according to scientific homoeopathic principles.


Boenninghausens Therapeutic Pocket Book. Make a Donation Join Login. Four years later [] he was appointed professor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica.

Find out why you should join or renew today! I found with my older eyes, the typeface used was a bit light and small. bpok

Kent compiled his repertory from other repertories and materia medicas of the time, but he did not speak German, and many of the translations he and his students worked from were inaccurate. Therefore, all the Allen additions have been removed from this edition. Homeopathic Housecall Video Tutorials. Don’t have an account?

Where do we draw the line about accepting certain common standards? Director of New York Botanical Gardens.

All factors of aggravation and amelioration are here. Be the first to review this product Email to a Friend. View Comparison Go to login page Close. Home Contact Us Donate Store. For more information email us at: The rubrics have been re-translated from the German.

Boenninghausens Therapeutic Pocket Book

It has 5 grade system to evaluate the symptoms. Write Your Own Review.

Subscribe to the NCH e-Newsletter. Son of a physician. Join Kim Elia for a free webcast Watch now Informational Slides Kim presents the history of the Therapeutic Pocketbook and explains how to most effectively use it in poc,et.

Another was the changing of the abbreviations of some remedies—I know that the Latin nomenclature for Agnus castus is Vitex agnus castus, but abbreviating it as “Vitx” opens the door for so many more changes. In my library, I have one translated by Okie inone translated by Hempel inone translated and edited by T.


It is a brilliant 69 pages. This repertory is boennignhausen in cases which have complete symptoms, prominent sensation and modalities, prominent concomitants and cases where general symptoms are lacking. Sign Up For Newsletter. In addition to getting the complete repertory with the invaluable endnotes, you also receive the prologue and other important introductory texts.

The Bonninghausen Repertory: Therapeutic Pocket Book Method

Kim presents the history of the Therapeutic Pocketbook and explains how to most effectively use it in practice. Or call us at: Allen rearranged this book and also added remedies. If it serves boenninghauden get more people understanding that there are other ways to find the simillimum than the one repertory they have been using, and better, that the simillimum they have been searching for might have eluded them because the method used to find it was faulty—and this book provides the guide for another way into the problem—then it has served its purpose well.

Allen ina reprint of the same in containing a long article about how to use the book by H.