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This process prepares pledges for initiation into the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Each chapter or member joining or participating in any social networking group, discussion board or similar website, webpage or other outlet on the internet that uses Kappa Sigma in its name, displays any other Insignias, or purports to present a forum for discussion of matters concerning Kappa Sigma Fraternity or its chapters, shall be responsible for the content posted to such group or site by its members or which is posted by such member.

Special Motions To facilitate the efficient and fair conduct of business, a number of special motions docst provided for in parliamentary procedure.

If a second is not immediately forthcoming, the Grand Master asks, Is there a second to the motion? Reports of officers 4.

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These five founders became collectively known as the “Five Friends and Brothers”. To learn more about this program, or the Endowment Fund in general, please visit Thus, while only seven men served as WGS and WGT from tofour of them with over a quarter of a century of service each, another group of men, over 50 who served as Worthy Boninia Master and the many others who were members of the SEC for two to four years including those who have served as WGS and WGT sincehave provided Kappa Sigma with the highest form of leadership, experience and continuity for well over one hundred years.


University of Virginia Inter-Fraternity Council. Reports of committees 5. For the 20 years of his living service to the Fraternity, Jackson was tireless in the promotion of that goal.

Kappa Sigma

Today every alumnus and undergraduate Kappa Sigma is dedicated to continue the Pursuit of Jackson s Dream, to champion the cause of Kappa Sigma on every campus. Stephen Alonzo Jackson It is also the privilege of any member to request such.

Detailed minutes of the two-day meeting show that at least doce men attended. His 28 years as Worthy Grand Scribe were a marvel of efficient administration during one of the Fraternity s periods of greatest growth. These sons of this father, these brothers, joined together to create Kappa Sigma. Decisions must be reached with the best interest of the Fraternity being paramount.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is not necessary to await recognition by the chair before seconding. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Members work together to achieve the total development of a better man As a candidate for membership in Kappa Sigma, prepare well, as it is a lifetime obligation. Congressman from Louisiana John B. No Chapter of the Fraternity is authorized to apply for or hold any license for the sale, distribution, pouring or dispensing of alcoholic beverages or other controlled substances. Damages or effects of unacceptable behavior should be the responsibility of the guest group.

The exercise of diligence and commitment builds the Fellowship of the Fraternity, demonstrates Leadership, enhances personal responsibility to Scholarship, and evidences a dedication to Service, which is a hallmark of a Kappa Sigma brother. Only the maker of a motion may request that it be withdrawn, and he usually does so only after discussion has disclosed its generally accepted undesirability.

Only one individual may have the floor at any one time, but questions may be directed to him through the chair, and he may answer them if he wishes. As students, Kappa Sigmas must be dedicated to their advancement in the several arts and sciences or pre-professional studies to boonia their obligations to themselves, their families and the Fraternity.


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It is for these reasons that the Fraternity has such a strong policy against hazing. Occasionally a matter may be presented which one or more members feel should not be considered by the group: Every chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity is responsible for the Internet Use of its undergraduate members and are expected to enforce these standards of conduct in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, including, the Code of Conduct.

Kappa Sigma is one of the five largest international fraternities with currently active chapters and colonies in North America.

This is a most attractive idea, and if it could be fully developed, would keep alive the pleasures and memories of those halcyon days, and temper the hard struggles of life with the freshness of continuous youth. The reading of the minutes bononnia the previous meeting is a must unless a motion is adopted by the group dispensing with it.

It is not the purpose of Kappa Sigma chapters to provide Social Events for the campus or community at large. You will be privileged to serve the Order in many volunteer capacities, increasing your appreciation of Kappa Sigma as you mentor each new generation of young men to whom will come the bonoia to carry on the glory of the fraternity.