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Ground Water 47, 3, For absolute age dating of inorganic carbon, thin sections of the crystal fabrics and textures preserved provided the preliminary documentation.

On no account could any real fluviatile terrace morphology be formed, as the repetition of the morphodynamic processes was insufficient; so the accumulation came simply to overlap the hillsides with rather regular slopes. Several samples were the object of more precise determination in the laboratory microscope examination, determination of carbonate content and X ray diffraction.

Rare evidence concerns the end of the Old Palaeolithic and the Middle Palaeolithic periods, it has been well attested in the filling of the Caune de l’Arago by some Levalloisian artefacts.

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Thus at the time of Homo erectus people, the river did not outflow as it does today. Light reversal of stream gradient Gouleyrous upstream are linked to karstic flow of the river. Agrandir Original jpeg, 2,4M.

Considering the permanent settlement cep hominids in the Caune Arago from to 50 Ka and the abundant concentration of Lower cecp Middle Palaeolithic industries on the various old alluvial terraces of the plain of Roussillon, this almost total absence of open-air camps in the Tautavel-Vingrau Depression is unexpected.

The surfaces of several pebbles have traces of cement or coating that provide evidence of Fyb reworking.

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Generally, an isopachous single-layer phreatic cement was observed, but in contrast to the conglomerate further upstream, we note locally some multi-layer phreatic cement. Homogeneous sparitic cements of the conglomerate fig. Thus, it seems likely that some of the carbonate cement originated by deposition from downward-percolating calcium bicarbonate-laden permus after most of the overlying alluvium was deposited.

In two cases only the Museum and Alzinethe second generation of cement was able to settle locally in the voids two-steps cementation. A little before the entrance of Gouleyrous, the banks of the Verdouble and the nearby surfaces are covered with abundant non-cemented pebbles.

Various calcareous cement dates have also been undertaken for marine sediment, permiw Holocene beach-rocks, and reconstituted sea level changes Ramsay and Cooper, ; Desruelles et al. Gravettian and Solutrean sites are invariably in depression very distant from the torrential course of the Verdouble. These extremely rare records are always associated with other more recent archaeological remains.


Xepc Original jpeg, 6,7M.

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Although the cement can be contaminated by carbonate particles other than the calcite cement, radiocarbon 14 C dating is still the most appropriate method for dating various Mediterranean beachrocks.

Some residual microcliffs of conglomerate testify to a cemented deposit Fxb on the map, fig. Geoscience Canada 10, Hydrological Sciences Journal 48, 3, Agrandir Original jpeg, 2,8M. The cements are thought to have developed during very early diagenesis allowing the consolidation and the preservation of the deposit. The meaning of conglomerate cements and their dating. Broken line bounds the Upper Palaeolithic artefacts area.

Trend of the Pleistocene alluvial dynamics of the Verdouble River. Other lithoclasts are quartz, grey limestones and red Triassic sandstones tab.

Other extremely rare Old and Middle Palaeolithic artefacts, altered and rolled, are in marginal position and very scattered on the sides of the valley or in fluvial deposits downstream of the Gouleyrous Gorge.

These observations permitted the characterization peris the nature of the constituents of the cements and allowed us to select samples on which dating could be carried out.

These climatic intervals favourable to carbonated cementation were strengthened by ages recently obtained from the cements of alluvial conglomerates of another calcareous hillside, that of Roboul, a small tributary of Agly River, near Rivesaltes study in progress by the authors.

Near Paziols, a cave-in allows observation of the subterranean flow of the Verdouble. This 2 m-thick deposit is almost continuous for 50 m, but is cut locally by a reddish periglacial solifluction that packs angular fragments of Urgonian limestone. The origin of the pebbles of Fya mostly calcareous is the western part of the Verdouble catchment main course of the Verdoublewhereas the pebbles of Fyb mostly siliceous may come from the eastern part of the basin Donneuve and Tarassac tributaries.

The cement fringes consist of scalenohedral calcite spars and generally, a only one-step cementation is observed. Cementation may have been favoured by the exposure of large bank areas, leading to meteoric ground-waters with a relatively high content of dissolved calcium carbonate. The lithologic composition of the pebbles indicates a clear dominance of Cenozoic calcareous pebbles red, beige, grey or dark grey over siliceous pebbles from the Palaeozoic dark grey or black or from the Trias reddish sandstones; tab.


The oldest Pleistocene conglomerates Fu of the Tuchan map show a cement which was altered and recrystallized at the same time, and is thus not datable; they are scarce in the Paziols Basin but totally absent in the Tautavel-Vingrau depression. The accumulation was interrupted locally by a thin fringe of micrite before the settlement of the second generation of larger size palissadic crystals intervenes.

Geological Survey, Professional Paper2, E16, Geodinamica Acta 12, In each station, the altitudes of the levels are evaluated with regard to the altitude of the nearby streambed of the Verdouble. The depth of karstification, several hundred metres below sea level, especially in the Opoul area and in Lower Agly, is mainly linked to: Upward Ford station, one single phase deposition of sparitic cement sp linking various gravels, frequent voids v.

In each case, the altitude values correspond to the sampling point. Lower still, the pebbles of the present streambed have a lithologic composition close to that of Fyb, with a very strong dominance of dark or grey-brown, more or less schistose siliceous rocks, some Triassic sandstones, quartz with black siliceous veins and limestones tab. Rind cements, especially in the Paziols area, are interpreted as having formed under water-saturated conditions — a phreatic environment James and Choquette, — based on the continuous isopachous character cepd the pwrmis of geopetal features.

This hyposcasis has its proper place and hyposcacic characcer in the holy trin icy wich regard co procession and incracrinicarian life in general. Pebbles are cemented by several generations of sparites, sometimes partly dissolved and rubefied which testify to a long pedogenetic history.

Journal Officiel de la RDC

Moulin, the first micritic cement mi cdpc preferentially on the surface of a calcareous clast at the top rather than on that of a siliceous clast at the bottomsparites sp attain a size from 1 to 2 mm. In any case, the absence of palaeosols in the fan gravels indicates that no significant pauses in deposition occurred between two alluvial depositions.

In the downstream of Gouleyrous Gorge depression of Vingrau-Tautavel according to the geologic map of Tuchan Berger et al.