The Coolsat Platinum FTA receiver needs up-to-date software to stay in touch with the necessary satellites that broadcast the FTA channels. FTA or. Find great deals on eBay for coolsat manual. DREAMLINK T4 T5 LITE COOLSAT HD KBOX Remote Control w/Batteries. Coolsat Manual. Here is a little manual I created from various forums. Hope you like it! Attached Thumbnails. Ya Can’t Play with a Broken.

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Do not turn receiver on with front power button.

How to Program a Coolsat 5000 Platinum

To change the name of a favorite list: With remote, Click on Menu. Flashing the Channel Bin: Your answer needs to include more details to help people.

As like the Dishpro lnbs, no external switch is required and a cable is ran direct from the lnb to the receiver. This enables the mannual to be able to do auto scans on your satellites without using the blind scan feature.

If using a custom channel list, and you wish to preserve your channel placement, for those who desire to place locals in non Dishnet and Bev order, these options need to be turned off. I choose not to do this for myself as I manial not like “filler” channels. Check the particular options that you want to change or add. Does anyone have the manual for the coolsat I cant find it anywhere. This will open the Channel Edit Window.

The Legacy SW should remain Off as this function ckolsat intended to be used with external SW switches instead of a diseqc switch used to switch between dishes using single lnbs.

DP34 is most commonly found used with the SuperDish. Click on 500, followed by clicking on Auto Detect and the current version of the bin you just loaded will appear. The and bin releases run in the same release version number format with the version of the receiver the file is for incorporated within the file name. Your channel file will have a. Upload your list to the personal computer by using the Coolsat Pro Loader Tool.


The following are some illustrations of the scan modes. As of the date of this revision to the manual, the Coolsat Plus has long been dropped from production and sold on the market.

This is up to your personal taste. Some testers report Lnb 2 and 4 will work also manuzl and connections respectively. He wrote news articles and independently authored op-ed columns for the on-campus newspaper, “The Signal” and had articles published in “Garden State Surf Magazine.

coolsatfordummies – kawarthadss

To enable this feature and have it perform at its best, it is necessary to do a factory reset after loading the bin to enable doolsat option as well as other options. Ontransponder 1 is a spot beam transponder and many of you will 9 not get a signal on Transponder 1. Press Exit after making changes and confirm change and exit out of menu. Download all files and unzip them and place them in a handy place where you can locate coolzat.

Please enter a valid email address. Use a null modem cable and connect the two units.

You can scroll on down the manual to find details on enabling or disabling this feature. Manual Update of N2 Keys: When the receiver receives a signal from the lnb, the satellite mznual being received will be displayed in the upper right hand corner of the Dish Setting window.

Make sure scan is set to all and the network scan is off since you only want to scan one transponder. Since release of the Coolsat into the community we have seen the major providers convert from the N1 encryption to N2 coklsat with an increase of bytes used in the key string going from 16 bytes to 32 bytes. To do this- simply right-click any channel and select “Fill missing Channels”.


The last one is 1. Do not edit key line Ids. Coolsat Pro Loader Tool A nice feature of the loading tool for the Coolsat is its ability to load all coolzat files with just one tool. If using more than 1 dish, you must use the 4×1 diseqc switch and run two cables from each side of the lnbs to diseqc in manuaal 1 and 2 on the switch, and any other lnbs on 3 and 4. Be sure to do Kanual first if you are going to do a complete copy of Firmware and Channel Data.

In the present configuration for N2, we now see key lines 10 and 11 holding the 32 byte idea 0 key and key lines 20 and 21 holding the 32 byte Idea key 1. Coolsat will now automatically check for signal strength on the next active transponder.

The present bin software now contains some innovations that allows the receiver to do an excellent job in scanning in channel data. In the receiver, set antenna settings for Lnb 1 for and Lnb 2 for and the others the same as you connected to in ports on the switch.