Before I started reading Andrew Holleran’s Dancer from the Dance, I felt protective of it. Its reputation made me feel that it was my duty to read it. That magical first summer in P-town, almost ten years ago, I also discovered Andrew Holleran’s Dancer from the Dance, a gay novel that was. Dancer from the Dance: A Novel [Andrew Holleran] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the most important works of gay literature, this.

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Some men even carried colored handkerchiefs in particular pockets to identify themselves to other gay men as gay and open to certain kinds of sex. But now, for the life of me I can’t remember a thing about the book adnrew it was beautiful, electrifying, luminous and poetic.

I also read the book with sadness.

And it is why I have to say that hte of the most important works of gay l “Yes, that is all that’s left when love has gone. As I grew older and, despite my best efforts, remained single, I would point to Dancer from the Dance as a reminder that sadness and loneliness are an inextricable part of gay life. Of course, in places like Columbus where I still live, this growing courage and openness was slower to emerge.

After leaving his lover who beats him up, Malone hides out in another area amdrew the city.

The unusual narrative style made the distance between me and Malone even bigger. Please provide an email address. The other characters in this book are also very well realised; they feel humanand believable.


Dancer from the Dance by Andrew Holleran

Ranks with me as one of the all time great gay-themed novels. Return to Book Page. The writing was good. Published in the same year as Edmund White ‘s Nocturnes for the King of Naples and Larry Kramer ‘s FaggotsDancer from the Dance is regarded as a major contribution to post- Stonewall gay male literature. The freedom to exist openly, to find love, to define love as we see fit. What was written to shock is now met with, “Ah yes, I’ve read much about the sexual revolution of the s.

I am quite happy being gay, and have no remorse or self-pity over this.

He really does paint a clear picture of NYC in the 70s for these men and of their lives. Most of the characters seemed to lack dacer and a search for meaning as they focused on clothing, parties, drugs, and perfect male bodies. But I felt like I was reading the same twenty pages over and over and over again. It should be required reading for every student of American history and fiction. And it is why I have to say that “one of the most important works of gay literature”will always remain one of the biggest unsolved riddles for me.

This is not a story I can’t really identify with on an emotional level, oddly enough muc I don’t really know how to rate this novel: By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and hokleran to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. I enjoyed reading it again. This book made a big impression on me.

The modern reader will appreciate the glimpse into post-Stonewall, pre-AIDS urban gay life, with its discos, tea dances and all-night parties.


Being a Gay Man Who Is Free: Reflecting on ‘Dancer From the Dance’

Such were the times. That and the size of a man’s penis were the only criteria that mattered.

They came to Fire Island for summer pleasure and returned to the City and it baths and bars and they danced. This page was last edited on 30 Octoberat When Nolleran first read Dancer from the Dance probably more than 35 years ago, I read it with fear and sadness. There are also quite a lot of reviewers who find dsncer character of “Malone” ‘ro An old boyfriend from ! It made me remember being young and while I came of age in the mid 80s and 90s. While Maupin’s tales are ingratiating and quietly witty, the standalone novel Dancer from the Dance has passion and eroticism without being excessively over-the-top in sexual description.

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The Island waited now in bleak desuetude for next season; the very beach of that particular summer had been mercifully obliterated by its shape; and it was right. They were places where men could commit themselves to the worship of body, desire, and love. Sex, music, art, protest After recovering, Dnacer quits his job as an attorney and devotes himself to dancing and searching for love and sex.

The real difference is the freedom that comes with 40 years of change and perspective. I had some problems.