View and Download Dbx XT instruction manual online. dbx XT Compressor/Limiter Instruction manual. XT Air Compressor pdf manual download. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by DBX. To purchase XT spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or visit an. Classic compressor for recording or stage use. Balanced and unbalanced inputs/ outputs. Excellent cosmetic and working condition.

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Such sources can be balanced or unbalanced — this is no problem for the 1 60XT. A balanced line is defined as two-conductor shielded cable with the two center conductors carrying the same signal but of opposite mahual with re- spect to ground. By inserting an equalizer in the detector path to the XT, it can be made more sensitive to frequencies in the range handled by the sensitive drivers. Plug in the AC power cable to power On the unit. Patch bay In the studio, the 1 60XT may be connected to a patch bay to allow it to be used anywhere in the studio system.

In radio or television broadcast, the XT will produce stable voice levels, even with non-professional subjects. By removing the strapping, the detector input can be separated from the signal input for special pro- cessing applications.

Dbx 160XT Instruction Manual

However, gentle tapping of a drumstick or brushing of the cymbal will not be held back. After expiration of the warranty, a rea- sonable charge will be made for parts, labor, and packing if you choose to use the factory service facility. Please fill in the Registration Card, detach it from the Warranty Certifi- cate, and send the card to us today.

If you are still unable to solve a problem, contact our Customer Service Department for consultation. All trademarks are property of their respective companies. When compressing a stereo program with a pair of XTs, the factors affecting a compression curve and the actual compression ratio and threshold settings, are like those previously covered with reference to single channels of program material. Assuming the tom-tom is a lower frequency instrument and can be better tolerated by the tape, it has less need for compression.


Do not ground Pin 2 or 3 of the XLR-type output connector distortion can result. Ship prepaid, not collect. For a stereo sound-reinforcement system, stereo strapping cables should be run between the XTs in each band low-low, mid- mid, etc.

This will provide accurate processing for a stereo programming. Hard-Knee Compression Curve Figure 3: The Registration Card enables us to inform you of new applications and performance improvements that are developed, and it helps us re- spond promptly to claims under warranty without having to request a copy of your bill of sale or other proof of purchase.

De-Essing To apply de-essing to vocals i. This symbol, wherever it appears, alerts you to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage inside the enclosure — voltage that may be sufficient to constitute a risk of shock.

Connection to an inappropriate power source may result in extensive damage which is not covered by the warranty. We recommend you take a moment and read through the manual as it provides information that will assist you from system installation to opera- tion to special applications.

A setting of 2: Using a Filter in the Level Detector Circuit The results of inserting a filter in the level detector circuit are basically the same as obtained with an equalizer, as previously described. This gain reduction would cause the perceived image of any sound spread between the two channels to move toward the side which had not been compressed, because the spread signal would be momen- tarily softer in the compressed channel.

Manufactured under one or more of the following U. Limiting also benefits intelligibility by allowing low-level input signals to be reproduced through the system at higher ebx.


This makes the XT audio input suitable for use with virtually any source impedance, low or high. Also, do not remove the cover without first disconnecting the unit from the mains supply. Frequency-Weighted Compression With this arrangement, raising certain frequencies on the equalizer causes dbbx to be suppressed in the audio signal. If you are using a 10xt phone plug at the next device, tie the Ring and Sleeve together, and connect the sleeve to the wire’s Shield.

Increasing sustain To increase the sustain of a musical instrument e. Raising a signal out of a mix Since reducing dynamic range increases the average signal level by a small amount, manuall single track can be raised out of a mix by boosting its level slightly and applying compression.

The XT manua be used with either balanced or unbalanced sources and outputs can be used with either balanced or unbalanced loads, provided you use proper cabling. In other words, the output level is constant when the input signal is above thresh- old. Verify that the 1 60XT package contains the following: If the XT is wired into a patchbay, never insert a mono phone plug into the patchbay.


160xr Be pre- pared to accurately describe the problem. Please refer to the terms of your Limited Two-Year Standard Warranty, which extends to the first end-user. If two independent compressors are used to process the stereo program, a loud sound occurring in one channel will cause a gain reduction only in that channel.