NETGEAR, Inc. declara que este DG ADSL Modem Router está conforme This manual is written for the DG ADSL Modem Router. NETGEAR, Inc. Great America Parkway. Santa Clara, CA USA. ADSL2+ Modem Wireless. Router DGG. Reference Manual. accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio . of Conformity certificate for this product is provided in the DGG.

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Netgear DG834 V3 User Manual

This name is not supplied to the remote VPN endpoint. Page of Go.

The resulting screen should show Update OK Key Features Content filtering These features are discussed below. Although the DG v3 already holds a list of many service port numbers, you are not limited to these choices.

Select Secure in the Connection Security check Log in to the Modem Router. Page 57 Enabling Daylight Savings Time will cause one hour to be added to the standard time.


Select this check box if you want to receive e-mail logs and alerts from the modem router.

Type ping -t To add or edit a Static Route: When planning your VPN, you must make a few choices first: Select Connect to open the My Connections list. This field is case sensitive.

After a short wait, you should see the login screen of the Modem Router unless another PC already has the DG v3 management interface open. Connect the power adapter to the firewall and plug it in to a power outlet.

DG834Gv2 – 54 Mbps Wireless ADSL Firewall Modem

From the Main Menu of the browser d8g34, under the The resulting screen should show Update OK: Page – V2. Expand the Authentication subheading by double clicking its name After between several seconds and two minutes, the ping response should change from timed out to reply.

Request timed out If the path is not functioning correctly, you could have one of the following problems: Connect the ADSL filter. This is called service blocking or port filtering. In the Pre-Shared Key dialog Select the Block Sites link of the Security menu. To change the password, first enter the old password, and then enter mabual new password twice.


Page 8 How to Perform Manual Configuration The list already displays many common services, but you are not limited to these choices.

If there is a problem with the VPN tunnel, refer to the log for information about what might be the cause of the problem.

Netgear DG V3 User Manual – Page 1 of |

Figure Enter admin for the user name and password for the password, both in lower case letters. In the Network Security Policy list on the left Page -t Install the IPSec Component. The Static Routes screen will be displayed, as shown in Figure