Segovia Scales – Andres Segovia () Tabbed by: Treccina Email: [email protected] DIATONIC MAJOR AND MINOR SCALES “The student. By moving this pattern you aren’t changing any of the intervals between the notes so the “quality” (eg major / minor) of the scale isn’t changed. Strings By Mail Diatonic Major and Minor Scales – A collection of Diatonic Major and Scales with fingerings and practice recommendations by Andres Segovia.

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I have recently started working through your courses.

However, I did not maintain practicing them for long enough to say that I am deeply engrossed in them; what I learned from practicing them is rather hidden. Thanks for clearing setovia part wcales. Here are some further resources to help you with your scale practice: I have never been able to stay motivated to run scales in my practice routine.

I do Segovia every day……a major and its minor…. So much so that they can easily become overwhelming.

The Segovia Scales : A Practical Guide

With time and momentum to ingrain the scales into the modern classical guitar canon they developed a legendary status. Now my diatonci is we must practice techniques while playing scales not practicing scales while using techniquesright?


See what people are saying about. This is perhaps a question for later discussion. I once got the advice from Pepe Romero to work them regularly!

Diatonic Major and Minor Scales

You have to be logged in to the Forum to access the attachments. A major later breakthrough as mentioned by Simon was starting to recognise the patterns CAGED and applying them to the logic of the scales. Hi David, Sound interesting!

Did I get regularly through all of them? Pentatonic scales scalez interesting and they offer great opportunity for practicing right hand string crossing since they are usually played 2 notes per string.

Still, I felt that my general technique improved at the time and if I missed a day or two of scale practice, I felt less secure in my playing that day. Thank you for your comment, Heike.

You are connected as. Eat healthy portions every day! He indicates practicing scales in the following sequence: To your knowledge is there a rationale for practicing scales in this sequence?

The Segovia Scales : A Practical Guide | Classical Guitar Corner

It made sense for the scales to span more than just a single octave I think. Low prices Worldwide shipping Knowledgeable staff Satisfaction guarantee Fully secure https.

David December 10, at Thank you for posting a question! They can be graded for beginners through advanced, and they can also include harmonic cadences to delve into the key of each scale. I play them at about MM80 and try to pay close attention to my seggovia finger landing position on the fret board as well as my tone production quality. So, I started neglecting them and now am very rusty on them.


Great inventory, friendly service, reliable shipping. Jim Simpson December mqjor, at I first used them to develop speed with some success. We may take his scale set for granted today, but when he compiled and fingered his collection of najor, the young Segovia was demonstrating his visionary approach to the instrument along with an innovative courage that elevated our instrument to the concert stage.

But I found that all I was doing was playing them over and over again and not seeing any real improvement, at least none I could detect. Diatonjc Aitken December 10, at Any insight as to the sequence of right hand fingering alternations indicated by Segovia?