VW doesn’t give up on diesel engines, unveils EA Evo TDI family with mild hybrid drive. The new liter engine will have outputs ranging. EA engine family is based on EA engine family. EA diesel shares displacement, cylinder spacing, stroke and bore ratio with. The all new EA common rail turbo diesel from VW is a 2L torque monster that meets the toughest next generation mg/mi particulate emissions targets set.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Other features included low-friction bearings for the camshaft and balancer shafts, piston rings that have less pre-tension, a two-stage oil pump with volumetric flow control. Sincerely, Mrs Alesya Balashova Email: From the get-go, the EA Evo will feature a mild hybrid drive with a volt belt starter generator. Lower costs per mile and dramatic emissions reductions are realized through the use of the Hybrid Synergy Drive technology developed by Toyota.

List of Volkswagen Group diesel engines – Wikipedia

We are not “hyper-milers,” make no attempt whatever to increase mileage by driving a certain speed or engaging in drafting or other techniques. However, the in the Passat has an oil filter accessible from the top in a much more convenient place.

The following table contains a very brief selection of current and historical Volkswagen Group compression-ignition diesel engines for comparison of performance and operating characteristics:. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The Passat is heavier, but it has a lower drag coefficient Archived from the original on 6 December Subaru diesel and v6 3.

I have even conjured up ways to cobble together a 8kW generator with a v 30A EVSE cord to build a portable tow behind Level II charger solution that tdo enable range extended road trips in the Leaf.


I’m looking at it right now and was confused about that solenoid on the water pump for a minute. Self Study Program 2.

All times are GMT VW’s reputation may never be fully restored following the Dieselgate emissions scandalbut that doesn’t mean the automaker is giving up on diesel engines. Originally Posted by oilhammer. Send a private message to 16vjohn.

An electric solution is awaiting a breakthrough in battery technology, and from what I understand of the physics and chemistry of it, I’m not holding my breath. Read our policy about the usage of your personal data. I will be giving our Leaf S back to Nissan soon when the lease ends because charging tsi is too slow and inconvenient where I live and work. I’ve been reading about the differences for a year, but I’m still at an impasse.

But again, not much of a track td on those either, as far as long term.

List of Volkswagen Group diesel engines

Last edited by 16vjohn; November 27th, at Emitec developed close-coupled selective catalytic reduction systems used in the EA engines. Newer Post Older Post Home. We are please to inform your esteem buying company the petroleum products you are looking for is available in our storage tanks and reservoir for immediate delivery. October 16th, This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it.

VW doesn’t give up on diesel engines, unveils EA288 Evo TDI family with mild hybrid drive

Find More Posts by oilhammer. It does get a little less if I leave the valley. The Diesel engines which Volkswagen Group previously manufactured and installed are in the list of discontinued Volkswagen Group diesel engines article.

In many ways I absolutely love the Leaf, but deep down wish deeply that is had an on-board range extender to enable more use cases for the vehicle. Originally Posted by Syncrogreg. The truth is that I will probably not drive 10,mi per year, and so my actual fuel costs would be lower than calculated. The engine’s displacement was between 1. Fuel system – both use solenoid injectors and seem to be more resistant to failure compared to the piezo cousins.


Little collar moves to uncover the impeller ea2888. Available with various states of tune ranging from hp to hp, the new engine marks the first time a VW Group TDI four-cylinder hdi is available in conjunction with hybrid systems.

VW poured a lot of effort into the development of this new diesel engine as part of an ongoing series of applied technologies that lie within the scope of VW’s Think Blue philosophy. Matthew Kessing December 3, at I still love the cars for all the same reasons I bought them.

But on these, it is directly on the pump. Retrieved from ” https: The engine includes 2 turbochargers, volt electrical system, 7kW electric compressor [22]Bosch CRS 3.

Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. This transport-related list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it.

Thinking About It: VW EA TDI Clean Diesel

It is a duty cycled affair that changes how much volume the pump moves. We might use these data for serving you more relevant personalized ads. Certified Volkswagen Nut Vendor. Pulling on more than 40 years of TDI refinement and a modern clean technology philosophy, the latest engine leverages clean technologies to deliver TDI power in an environmentally responsible way.

Since you have to get rid of one, I’d keep the Passat for the size and ride reasons you mentioned. March 25th, NefteGaz OilTrading July 26, at 1: The Prius with its