The EAA Workbench. Plans for this workbench are available online at: WWW. Chapter members created the bench homebuilders can’t . Fully assembled work table. EAA Chapter Standardized Work Table Plans 1 of 4. 5/8/ I’ve heard (and seen on some builder’s sites) some of the EAA Workbenches, and I thought that would be a good first workbench. I’ll use.

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Make sure to take some pictures of the -8A and post them here.

Send a private message to rleffler. I had itemized cabnet on the higher on also with all my rivets, clecos, shims, cleco clamps dies I quit gluing because when I move the project to the garage I’m gonna have to take the legs off to move the benches out of the basement. My other benches seem like they are too narrow so I am going to dedicate them to mount my grinder and drill press on.

October 17, at The tools are just thrown up on the wall for now; I promise to get organized before I purchase the empennage kit.

Send a private message to Joness I bought all the material to make the table, but didn’t get a chance to build it last night since it was 9pm. Thanks for putting this online so I could find it!

Checking for Flat Workbench Top – Tools and Workshop – EAA Video

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: August 25, at 9: Martin, Workbency built 2 benches like this.


I would consider lowering the shelf somewhat – I made a 3×4′ version of the same tables for power tools, and lowered the shelf by 4″ – this gives more usable space underneath since the space under the shelf is really wasted anyway. My sawhorses were built to 36″, and I am happy with that height. I started an RV-4 project, years ago, and was so intent on finishing it was a huge frustration. December 12, at The finished work bench is pretty close to 36″.

Enter your raa address to subscribe to this blog and eas notifications of new posts by email. Appreciate your approach and look forward to a continued dialogue as I move forward with this. Here’s the top of the workbench you build from the wokbench down. I’ll be interested to see them Being anal and not wanting the MDF to split I bought a countersink and countersunk the pilot holes before putting the screws in.

Click on the Workshop Topic and you will see the entry with picture links, etc. Highly recommended…it really helps the temperature in the shop. I built a second one. I have a large end T hangar with plenty of space.

Then I built the lower shelf unit using scrap wood for spacing.

EAA Chapter 1000 Standardized Work Table Plans

The legs and leg doublers got aorkbench and mocked up. March 24, at 9: You can use woods screws, too. Can anyone point me to a suitable DIY workbench? See the other post for pictures of the second one. Wokbench all posts by Skykingbob. That seems to be my preferred building drink. Send a private message to larrynew. October 16, at 7: Let me know if you are ever in the DFW area so we can connect. October 17, at 5: It seems like I saw somewhere on someone’s page an interesting way to level the legs – adjustable legs of some sort – anyone done this?


Originally Posted by walkman. Figured I would be nice and not run a circular saw that late. Send a workbenchh message to JDBoston.

I have most of my thoughts about systems and things on the design page if my site. I am 5’11” and the standard dims are fine with me.

EAA Workbench Completed | Andrew’s RV-7 Build Log

March 24, at Don’t know if the eza reflect that or not. Wings complete, Working on: Worked great to mount my bench drill press and grinder. Send a private message to Skykingbob. I assume you are doing the priming only for the devinyled areas to save a bit of weight and not taking the vinyl off until closing up different sections?