MV electrical network management MV substation control unit Merlin Gerin Easergy range Easergy T I User’s manual Easergy T I Contents Overview . Download: Easergy T P (series 3) User’s manual – Easergy TP. Easergy T I user manual – Schneider Electric. ic. dk. Views. 4 years ago. Module, · Enclosure, · Automation, · Interface.

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It contains all the functions easerg to monitor and control one or two MV switchgear devices. The three voltages are measured and a computed voltage U13 is sent to the remote control centre.

Easergy T I – Schneider Electric

Execution time Voltage drop Note: This input is generally connected to the downstream circuit breaker. Configuration by web server Preparation of easetgy PEEN On-site or remote configuration b Customisation of standard configurations and preparation of offline configurations v preparation of the standard database v preparation of site configurations.

The enclosure 1 The equipment is housed in a stainless steel enclosure L ensuring: Battery b Temperature-compensated charger b Charging time: No commands can be accessed at this level. Information on the control panel can be viewed through the window in the enclosure door.


Remember to wire the strap between terminals 7, 5, 15 and 11 on the switchgear terminal block.

Sectionaliser automation system The sectionaliser eassrgy system converts the switch into a disconnector switch. An indicator lamp showing the status of the equipment is located at the top of the control panel front panel of the Control module.

Carry out the following operations to install the USB driver: The polarising pins are supplied in a plastic bag attached to the inside of the basic enclosure.

Rotary encoders Osicoder Now open to networks When the maximum number is exceeded, the oldest event on the list is erased by the most recent one. The default value is bauds.

Easergy TI/TE | Schneider Electric

TM1 depends on the variable depends on the variable TM No. I and Q type RM6 cubicle connections.

It is housed in the lower part of the enclosure see illustration opposite. The enclosure is held in position by the mounting bracket and can be released.

Cable glands for cable entry.

It is also possible to load from a fasergy available on your PC or from a floppy disk or CD-Rom the T configuration parameters coming from a preceding backup or coming from another substation. Application and benefits PE Throughout the world, poor quality supply of electrical power is no longer acceptable to consumers.


Easergy T200 P – Schneider Electric

It is not necessary to remove the fuse. It includes connection cables and does not require any modifications to the T wiring.

Schneider Electric Design, production: Product references b TUSB: GSM and RS port in the transmission compartment on the right of the rack. Sealed lead batteries are used. There are 5 types of counter b Counters for digital data TSS g200 pulse counter: Connecting the batteries d DE Note: Maintenance Easerg of software versions or change of protocol A new version of the communication card software or protocol can also be downloaded from a PC. Easergy F Grenoble Cedex 9 Tel.: In coordination with the recloser of the substation feeder, the automation system opens the switch after detecting a number of predefined fault currents 1 to 4 during the voltage dips in the reactivation cycle.

Unplug the two battery connectors located on the right-hand side of the rack. Eassrgy operating costs b The accuracy of fault information significantly reduces the time required to locate faults: