Hitchcock by François Truffaut Easy Riders, Raging Bulls by Peter Biskind The Great Movies by Roger Ebert Pictures at a Revolution by Mark Harris If Chins. In Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, Peter Biskind takes us on the wild ride that was Hollywood in the ’70s, an era that produced such modern classics as The. About Easy Riders, Raging Bulls. Based on hundreds of interviews with directors such as Coppola, Scorsese, Hopper and Spielberg, as well as producers, stars.

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Pictures at a Revolution: And if everything in this book is to be believed then filmmakers are some of the worst people there are and they are all lucky to have lived past the age of This documentary – based on the best-selling book – offers an in-depth analysis of the film-making process of the s It’s funny that the documentary that was produced based on this book managed to do such a better job in at least trying to find a balance between the very real dirt and the passion that drove them all to create art.

Fury Road Miller succeeded in lighting the screen on fire. They are extremely lucky AIDS wasn’t much of a thing until the 80’s.

Hal Ashby and Francis Ford Coppola. Clips are shown from many groundbreaking films with innovative editing styles. One night, in a New York hotel, he picked up a girl in a bar. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Lucas and Kael are boring human beings and yet so many pages are wasted on them. Published April 4th by Simon Schuster first riderrs September 27th Retrieved from ” https: Oct 23, Stephanie rated it liked it Recommends it for: A handful of mavericks dream of breaking the studios’ stranglehold, of making Art that will be screened across the world, but they are beguiled by mountains of cash and their own megalomania and by the time Star Wars hits, they’re finished.


Apr 03, Jason Coleman rated it really liked it Shelves: One thing that niggled was that although there are copious references to drug taking and aesy behaviour, there’s biskund a lot of sexual assault stuff that got left out James Toback’s name pops up now and then and we ridegs know what people are saying about him now so it’s not entirely warts and all.

Since I’m sure there have to bull better written books about the same subject matter, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. With success came greater power and control and was met with a raging indulgence in excess, resulting in the destruction of much of what they fought for.

Easy Riders Raging Bulls: Biskind’s not really a very peyer writer; the style is pedestrian, the approach to evidence utterly non-critical; if he heard a story, that’s good enough for him. The book was the basis of a documentary film of the same name directed by Kenneth Bowser and narrated by actor William H.

As chronicled in Peter Biskind’s tome “Easy Riders, Raging Bulls,” the road to these classic movies was paved by sex, drugs, lies, deceit, arrogance, hubris, insanity, infidelity, manipulation, compromise, and yes A lot of amazing movies were made in the ‘s. When it’s put like that, it sounds like a must biskinf. Most of this book covers the time period between the early ‘s through the ‘s.

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls – Wikipedia

In a decade where filmmakers had creative freedom and were expressing themselves however they pleased, De Palma was a sort of a counter-balance, keeping the genre stuff alive whilst people spent time making dramas. The matters of actual substance in terms of how these movies got made and how they affected the industry play second fiddle to the “drama” the author makes a big deal of revealing. Selected pages Table of Contents. Better still, Beatty’s no-holds-barred persistence not only got the film made, he also made it a hit, with himself reaping an enormous profit.

Biskind doesn’t do a great job of providing film analysis.


Retrieved August 3, The Schrader brothers’ upbringing was an eye-opener though, and there were a few vignettes Dunaway won’t flush that were entertaining. I learned a lot of really fascinating gossip about some of my favorite American directors and the Dennis Hopper stories were off the hook.

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What you learned in film school was to express yourself with pictures and sound. All of them paid a high price. Also, in the early pages, he says that Bob or someone married or lived with Toby or Polly or whomever. It was a time when an “anything goes” experimentation prevailed both on biskinnd screen and off.

Easy Riders Raging Bulls

Overwritten on the sentence level, underwritten on the content level, and ultimately very, very tiresome. Spielberg and Lucas can’t be the only ones to blame, but they did contribute involuntarily to the blockbuster era. That’s not my fault. I find that I use this book yeah, I kept it as a source of reference up to several times a week and have stoked some pretty serious arguments with film-heads due to my new found knowledge of the industry. Biskind also gets lost reporting lurid details of decadence among the Hollywood hippies during this time, which have a sleazy appeal but ultimately adds up to dated gossip.

Photograph by Elizabeth Hess. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. These are most of the major players who biskknd 70’s cinema what it was, and thus were the focus of “Easy Riders, Raging Bulls. There was no cocaine before Easy Rider on the street.