Hitchcock by François Truffaut Easy Riders, Raging Bulls by Peter Biskind The Great Movies by Roger Ebert Pictures at a Revolution by Mark Harris If Chins. In Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, Peter Biskind takes us on the wild ride that was Hollywood in the ’70s, an era that produced such modern classics as The. About Easy Riders, Raging Bulls. Based on hundreds of interviews with directors such as Coppola, Scorsese, Hopper and Spielberg, as well as producers, stars.

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Actor-director-producer-Warren Beatty, producer Bert Schneider, producer-director If there ever was a Renaissance in film, the ‘s would be among the first to claim it. Overall, I’m glad I read blls pages of this. Jun 21, Caroline rated it really liked it Shelves: Pauline Kael said it well: Biskind demonstrates how financial pressures in the Seventies forced each hit film to be “all things to all audiences.

The balance between sexy gossip and insightful film criticism is really remarkable — especially on some of the more deranged and repulsive directors, like Billy Friedkin. It’s hilarious, outrageous, and sometimes tragic – but guaranteed never boring.

New Hollywood boiled down to the ambitious goal to override the studio system and give talented people the chance to explore their ideas in a new artistic, auteurish, way, making the 70s the era of directors.

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are more or less thrown under the bus by the author as the “men who ruined Hollywood.

Easy Riders Raging Bulls | Book by Peter Biskind | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Himself Francis Ford Coppola Share your thoughts with other customers. If the fat was trimmed, these stories could be told in a quarter of the length. Jan 26, John Maxim rated it liked it. And you believe it.


Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. The book tells the story of how Taxi Driver, Bonnie and Clyde, Easy Rider, The Godfather and their ilk were made, and raginh they changed both Hollywood and the world outside of it.

Easy Riders Raging Bulls

I mean, all they did was make great movies. The book had the potential to be awesome and interesting and really informative. Francis didn’t want to use professionals, because he didn’t want The Godfather to look like other movies.

I think thats the reason I thought it was altogether too long. Several of the film-makers profiled in the book have criticized Biskind. For those who hear “film history” and think Titanicinthe major American film studios were in such disarray and the counterculture seemed to be overturning conventions with such speed that a new generation of filmmakers, by and large under the age of 30, and universally white malesbriefly seized the controls.

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls – Wikipedia

He is now a contributing editor bjskind Vanity Fair. Search for ” Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: Essential reading for any aspiring film dork. Rebel without a Crew: Miramax, Sundance, and the Rise of Independent Film. But learning to make a movie is totally different. The Revenge of the Nerd. Worse, you’re reading along about one topic and suddenly there is a paragraph about another time or other people which you may vaguely recall his talking about elsewhere. It seems as if he cuts and pastes as we all dobut when he cuts, he doesn’t get all the paragraphs and leaves one behind.


But if you’re going to lay the blame for its demise with anyone, put it the door of the people who fail to finance great pictures, instead of the ones who have the courage to make them.

You can clearly blame them. Nobody is sadder than ridees that 70s film culture no pster exists. May 26, Henry Sheppard rated it rriders was amazing Shelves: If there ever was a Renaissance in film, the ‘s would be among the first to claim it.

This director-driven era of American film lasted ten years and generated such groundbreaking pictures as: Some of today’s best filmmakers interview the influential directors of that time. If you want to know what a pain in the ass it was for Coppola to make ” Apocalypse Now”, or find trivial and pointless facts “Harold and Maude” was written by a pool cleaner cool, or just like to know the back story of some of the best films ever, dig up a copy of this Or steal it from Adam Bailey.

Biskind says that Lucas had wanted a wholesome Jesus Christ I hate that word tone for Star Warsclaimed it was a Disney movie, favoured happy endings along with straightforward storytelling and accessible two-dimensional characters. Please try again later.