New chart (STARs transferred). FOR SIDS RWY 24 REFER TO CHART A LUXEMBOURG. ‘. ELLX. LUXEMBOURG. LUXEMBOURG. N49 VFR Chart of ELLX. IFR Chart of ELLX. Location Information for ELLX. Coordinates: N49°’ / E6°’ View all Airports in Luxembourg. Aerodrome Chart Appendix 1: Runway Markings and Lighting Aids · Aircraft Parking Aerodrome Ground Movement Chart Appendix 2: Hot Spots · Aerodrome.

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World Traffic and X-Life traffic compatible, and the airport is set up for X-Plane11 static aircraft use as well, which I used here. When issued with taxi instructions, departing aircraft shall taxi as close as possible to the appropriate runway-holding position.

LUX – Luxembourg [Luxembourg-Findel Intl], LU – Airport – Great Circle Mapper

In order to reduce the taxi procedure, ATC eklx authorize, for certain types of aircraft, take-off from one of the following intersections:. Engine test runs are prohibited on SUN and public holidays. CDO will not be facilitated in adverse weather conditions that may affect the approach wind shear, thunderstorms, etc. Voice communications with ATC within this airspace are performed in a 8. Silo installation at Mersch.

During the past decades, growth in the financial sector has more than compensated for the decline in steel production. An important note is required before using this scenery For chsrts small country it sure hits above the belt in a big economy in first the industrial sector, which was dominated by chsrts until the s, but has now since diversified its industries to include chemicals, rubber, and other products.

Fuelling facilities and capacity. The modern Terminal A is extremely impressive. The point is it can be done as with this great lighting here with the large hangar below left which looks magnificent at night.


Now for the eagle eye flyers out there, do you notice the faint shapes on the horizon?

Luxembourg-Findel International Airport

Ramps and aprons are great a night as is all the approach, runway and taxiway lights and signage. All areas are very well lit, so the scenery bounds off the screen.

ATC may use ground surveillance information to assist in monitoring aircraft and vehicles on the manoeuvring area. LDI location and lighting. Types of clearing equipment. Pilots not able to comply with the above requirements shall notify ATC as soon as possible.

Repair facilities for visiting aircraft. Runway centre line lights. Hcarts need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Contact Business Aviation Centre: Volume 1Chapter 3.

Successive touch-and-goes in the traffic circuit; Approaches, VFR or IFRfollowed by a go-around except for operational and emergency reasons. Services, especially banking and finance, now account for the majority of economic output. No control service provided on aprons by ATC.

Apron P3 is the main parking area offset to charst terminal ramps, it is big and can handle even large aircraft, but is used mostly for regional services. Charts and other information available for briefing or consultation. To ensure that the performance of systems based on SSR frequencies incl. Behind the terminals is a large elevated carpark.


There are basically four areas that cover the scenery. Again great reflective glass and excellent fine detailing that even includes the metal stairs through the glass hcarts the gates.

Control Tower Centre field Control Tower is excellent with great viewable see-through glass. ANA is the designated authority for the publication of runway state information:.

If unable to comply with these procedures, they shall advise ATC immediately. Peak hours are defined as follows: Capability for removal of disabled aircraft. Balloon flights are prohibited.


X-Plane 11 Windows, Mac or Linux. Office responsible for TAF preparation. Railway crossing at Moutfort.

Sign In Sign Up. Posted April 19, During low visibility operations, all guided take-offs shall be requested upon start-up, otherwise there is no ILS protection for departures.

IFR Terminal Charts for Luxembourg (ELLX) (Jeppesen)

Operators equipped only with 25 KHZ channel spacing radios capability shall not use these radios in trying to communicate on a 8. The runway textures are really well done, with areas of tarmac that have been resurfaced and don’t match the original surface.

Tow bar, lifting bags, towing set and ground reinforcement mats. Inbound flights shall proceed via the arrival routes depicted on chart AD 2. Operators intending to use the airport should ensure that Mode S transponders are able to operate when their aircraft are on the ground. WDI location and lighting. Outbound flights shall proceed via the departure routes depicted on chart AD 2.

It should be deselected after vacating the runway. There are two version of this scenery for both X-Plane10 or X-Plane It is an interesting approach from the northeast and not an easy one as LUX is buried between hills, valleys and deep rivers and streams and very similar to Hahn’s south approach and hence the recollection.

This is the Cattenom Nuclear Power Plant and JetSim have done the nuclear plant’s four cooling towers, and associated buildings, but the effect for the scenery with the towers in the distance is a great visual effect and in full view on RWY 24 departures.