Whatever your image of an individual with schizophrenia, I am willing to bet it is not Elyn Saks. Perhaps you think of the malodorous woman who sits on a park. “The Center Cannot Hold should be read by anyone interested psychiatric hospital. Saks would later attend Yale Law School ELYN R. SAKS. liJHYPERIONI. THE CENTER CANNOT HOLD: MY JOURNEY THROUGH MADNESS But it is the briefest bio on the inside, telling us that author Elyn Saks is.

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Whatever your image of an individual with schizophreniaI am willing to bet it is not Elyn Saks. Or, something closer to home: As a psychiatry resident, I have had the tin-foil-hat-wearing patient, the homeless patients who live under highways. She graduated from Vanderbilt, the went on to be a Marshall Scholar at Oxford and received a Master of Letters before going to law school at Yale.

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Oh, and she has a doctorate in psychoanalysis, too.

A Memoir of Schizophrenia

Now a professor at USC, she specializes in mental health law, criminal law, and children and the law. And she has schizophrenia.

The Center Cannot Sxks While most of us will only ever witness schizophrenia from the outside looking in, Saks gives us a clearer window onto her experiences with psychosis. Come to the Florida lemon tree! Come to the Florida sunshine bush! Where they make lemons. Where there are demons.

Schizophrenia Explained: The Center Cannot Hold by Elyn R. Saks (Book Review) – PsyBlog

Then, still connected enough to reality to realize her classmates do not share in her sentiments: But they do hold the body together. From the riveting opening, Saks moves back in time to her childhood, where we begin to catch glimpses of her mental illness.

Then came the night terrors, the feeling that someone was outside her window. Normal cenetr development, or glimpses of the paranoia that would come? Most people know what it is like to be seriously afraid. Consciousness gradually loses its coherence. The center cannot hold. Yet schizophrenia is a secret that has a way of emerging.


There is that patient with the tin-foil hat: I have seen him myself.

Want to buy the book or learn more? Check out the book on Amazon.

Four Lessons to Learn from “The Center Cannot Hold”

My Journey Through Madness. Retrieved on December 31,from https: Find help or get online counseling now.

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