. SYMCLI SRM( Mapping) Commands symhostfs- Display information about a. EMC – SYMCLI By P.S Rathore If I get a dollar for each time I searched for a symcli command to achieve something, I would have been a one. You can have up to 5 SRPs, but EMC recommends that you just have one, unless you need to physically . Older VMAX and Symmetrix SYMCLI commands.

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Query the device group. List all the devices in Storage Group “MySg” along with its type,state and size. If the DATA device to be used for thin extent allocationit should be on enabled state.

automation of emc (symcli commands)

OnCommand Insight discovers all the Symmetrix arrays that are “Local” to this server, as seen in “symcfg list” output from that server. Set syncing mode to Adaptive Copy. The snapshot for these devices will be terminated within 5 days from the day of setting if none of these devices linked to any target devices. Here is the complete story and a workaround: List details about all the rdf groups in array. Remove DEV form device group mydg.

The SG should not be associated with any Masking View. Lists all unmapped meta devices. Lists all the events in symmtrix array with a severity of Warning or greater. Shows the total number of records in the Symaudit log file, along with the starting and ending record number. This will not remove the mapping from the ports associated with Masking view part of OldSG.

Using for various control operations on Device Group,Composite Groups and devices in these groups or the device in the pair file. You need to license the product and then run the following command to discover the connected symmetrix:. FAST has been enhanced to work on a more granular level KB track level and we have abstracted a lot of the internals so that the end user need not be so concerned about the mechanics of the array they can simply provision capacity and set a performance expectation which the array will work to achieve.


This will display all error and fatal events.

Service name as specified in netcnfg Service Name for the Solution Enabler server as described in the local netcnfg file Solutions Enabler install.

Restores all the groups, views, and security informations from the previously created using backup option file. The comma-separated list of Solutions Enabler IP addresses to be included or excluded, depending upon the filter type selected.

Type of remote connection to the Solutions Enabler. List all the symrdf operation records excluding the Split actions from the Symaudit log file.

This will display all warning,error and fatal events.

Symcli Commands

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. That is by far the easiest approach, but to do that, you would have to sjmcli the raw text result created by your commands into some csv format that makes sense. This command is the best option to see both parent and child initiator groups cascaded initiator group and associated devices for a masking view. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log wmc Copy all the devices from composite group TestCg to another coposite group called DevCg.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. This command start sync between R1 and R2 and also add these devices after creating the device group mydg.

List all the Symaudit records logged from 1st Oct On DMXs — Ports are [3,4,7,8,9,10,13,14][a-d]. Source R1 devices become target R2 devices, and target R2 devices become source R1 devices. You are commenting using your WordPress. Dispalys all the disks in disk group 1.

We can’t delete PG if it is part of any Masking View. Display a brief engine wise summary of all diskgroups in vmax array along with speedsize and type of disks.


When you use “DOS”-like commands inside the console or a PS scriptyou can save their results easily to a variable, like this:.

Shows the emf are mapped to 12f: If want to keep unlimited ratiogive value as “none”. AAB to storage group Host1. List the first or oldest 10 records from the Symaudit log file. Delete the login entries for a host on FA port symmask -sid -wwn delete -dir 8a -p 0 -login. Displays configuration and status of disks and their hypers within Symmetrix arrays.

Creating Snapshots SnapVX is simplest when your storage has been designed with an application per storage group, you can still use device groups or files if you want but VMAX3 supports 64K storage groups, that is enough for one per application in most environments and means only managing a single entity for each application for provisioning as well as local replication and remote replication.

Split the R1 and R2 devices by stopping the replication.

EMC VMAX3 – CLI Cheat Sheet | David Ring

Replies 1 reply Subscribers 10 subscribers Views views Users 0 members are here files metadata powershell Windows-programming. Present to the fommands via a masking view, no change from VMAX here. Filter Device list The comma-separated list of Solutions Enabler IP addresses to be included or excluded, depending upon the filter type selected.

List details about all the dynamic rdf groups in array. Remove the existing snapshots for AA: This output is same as ‘symmaccess show clmmands. We can find out which users or applications started a particular action at a specified time frame, that caused a specific behaviour in the array.

Populate Excel You can populate excel in two ways. Creates and initiator group called Host1 by adding the specified wwn.