The Westcotts buy a radio which in some peculiar fashion picks up sounds in other By John Cheever Jim has the radio fixed so that there is no interference. by John Cheever One day, their old radio stops working and Jim promises to buy a new one. The Enormous Radio Questions and Answers. The Enormous Radio has ratings and 34 reviews. classic reverie said: Wow! What a insightful story on how a couple’s life has changed in a matter of d.

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They have average income and…respectability; they have two children and live on the 12th floor of an apartment house. Mar 17, Dawn rated it it was ok Shelves: Mar 14, Realini rated it it rzdio amazing. The radio can pick up conversations of their neighbors and the wife becomes addicted to listening to their lives. Many of his works also express a nostalgia for a vanishing way of life, characterized by abiding cultural traditions and a profound sense of community, as opposed to the alienating nomadism of modern suburbia.

The wife becomes transfixed on the lives of others. Creative Short Stories has it all and will prove to be a welcome addition to any library. Mar 01, Cathi rated it it was amazing. She always sees herself the best and better than other people selfishness and childish pride. I did like this, but as a story dadio is very light and straightforward.

The Enormous Radio

Dec 19, Deniz Ceylan rated it really liked it. Have you ever been involved in that? She asks her husband to go help. No trivia or quizzes yet. John Cheever’s story shows our thirst to know other people’s intimacies and how that desire has both good and bad A fascinating short story about a wife and husband who own a radio that lets them overhear other people’s lives.

Radip am glad I read this for many reasons, one because it shows human nature in chefver raw element and that one can try to understand life and live life better but also I wanted to read this and it is in a collection of short stories by John Cheever. And this is the area of Westchester County, where the Westcotts would be able to live in a more spacious house, since they would no longer be living right inside the densely populated New York.


This story teaches a good lesson about minding one’s own business. That was awesome, but can you enormlus shed some more light on this story regarding post-colonialism?

Views Read Edit View history. Realizing that the conversation is coming from people who live in a nearby apartment, she flicks a switch, but next hears a woman’s voice reading a children’s story, which she recognizes as belonging to her neighbors’ children’s nanny.

Rnormous other words, the denouement is one single paragraph. We’ve taken some of the world’s best stories from dark, musty anthologies and brought them into the light, giving them the individual attention they deserve. Each book in the series has Do your students enjoy a good laugh? After all, unless these characters are narrators or viewpoint characters, fictional people must never be boring.

The Enormous Radio by John Cheever

Thanks a lot for the criticism you prevailed. In any case, they hope someday to live in Westchester. Knowledge does not equal happiness. His stories also quietly commentat John Cheever is a master of the short story. As cottage industry gave way to larger-scale factory production, the nature of the home itself changed.

Jul 30, Marley rated it it was amazing. It is a large gumwood cabinet with numerous dials and switches that light up with a green light when it is plugged in. I heard an interview on public radio enodmous someone who had just finished writing a biography of John Cheever. This is a very gloomy depiction of a life towards which our current social present leads. He chose to believe that joohn it is not spoken of or seen, their grievances would stay hidden Cheever.

She has gone from a pleasant, rather plain woman, to a woman who doubts who she is and doubts her relationship with her husband Jim. Nov 26, Bill S. Her illusions only come to an end when Jim enirmous manages to convince her that the radio is broadcasting as normal; anything else she heard was simply the product of her fevered imagination.

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It aired in Do we know more than we chever bear about the terrible things happening to people in enormuos world? She is so surprised by this that she shuts off the radio.

Instead the radio brings the Westcotts’ peaceful life to an end. It’s short, probably too short, but works well, there is also a deadpan element to any descriptions, a cutting detachment, that not for the last time calls into question the figure narrating it.

A Manhattan couple buy a radio, and enjoy it until it begins rario up the conversations of neighbors throughout their building. I first read this book in the summer of They were the parents of two young children, they had been married nine years, they lived on the twelfth floor of an xheever house near Sutton Place, they went to the theatre an average of Your email address will not be published.

Domesticity emerged as a concept in the mid-eighteenth century, alongside the modernizing forces of the Industrial Revolution and the Enlightenment.

Sorry to be on my soapbox. A fascinating short story about a wife and husband who own a radio that lets them overhear other people’s lives.

The two heroes of the short story differ from the rest in their interest for serious music, which they listen to on an old radio. The radio has not only brought obsession but it has brought doubt too for Irene. When their radio goes out, the husband purchases a new, enormous, highly sensitive new one.