Learn About eSpring Water Purifiers. Your body needs water to function properly. Your body has a basic need for water. The majority of the cells in your body are. The eSpring Product Brochure includes a comprehensive comparison chart that clearly demonstrates why eSpring by Amway is the world’s largest-selling brand. You can rely on the eSpring Water Treatment System to protect you and your family at the end of water’s journey into your home. Day and night, eSpring gives .

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Calcium and magnesium, the water hardness minerals, become less soluble as temperatures increase. Sign In or Register. High brochre will reduce filter efficiency and may also cause the structural integrity of the unit to be compromised.

eSpring Customer Brochure (English) | Amway Singapore

As long as there is flow of water detected, the UV Lamp will remain on. NSF International is a non-profit organisation recognised worldwide as the leading independent testing and certification authority on water treatment systems. Do Carbon Filters breed bacteria? This only occurs in hard water. If there are bacteria present in the incoming water, they may grow in a Carbon Filter overnight, or during periods of inactivity.

The carbon in the filter bonds with organic, carbon-based compounds. Unlike cloth fabric, which is made of woven fibres, non-woven fabric is produced as a single sheet or layer. Beyond one year, we cannot guarantee the filter will still remove the many contaminants that require chemical adsorption. Will oil and smoke in the kitchen cause any damage to the system? This diffusion of large compounds and clogging of the small pores occurs over time and is not just dependent on the number of litres filtered.

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When water comes in contact with the activated carbon, chemicals and particulates are trapped in the pores.

My treated water has white particles or flakes floating in it that are not present in my untreated water. AMWAY will not claim removal of any material unless we are certain of its removal at the end of the filter life.

We recommend that the customer use the under-counter mounting option, if possible. This allows the Carbon Filter to be more effective at reducing contaminants. Can the contaminants that build up inside the carbon filter contaminate water coming out of the system? Will one end of the Carbon Filter be used up faster than the other end?

If your water has a low solid particulate level, the filter may not clog dspring several years.

How does the UV Lamp turn on instantly when the water goes into the system? Are you sure you want to continue? An increase in water pH — which occurs during the eSpring purification process — can also cause brchure to precipitate. This US patented multi-stage esprinf block effectively removes: What is activated pressed carbon? Research has shown that large compounds are initially removed by large pores, but through time will diffuse and begin to clog several of the small pores.


This alkaline surface raises the pH of water that initially passes through the filter to the range. When you combine these two factors by boiling eSpring water, the precipitation is more likely to occur. Normally, kitchen oil and smoke will not damage the unit.

Radioactivity refers only to materials that emit nuclear radiation, such as uranium. As long as the unit is positioned upright, it will perform properly.


It has been a year since I installed my eSpring Water Treatment System, and the flow rate has not declined. Installation is to be carried out using the diverter provided or the specially designed faucet offered by AMWAY only. As long as the filter is properly used and replaced as recommended, this is not an issue. Activated carbon readily bonds to and brlchure many organic carbon-based compounds such as pesticides and herbicides.