Everett Ruess—a bold teenage adventurer, artist, and writer—tramped around the Sierra Nevada, the California coast, and the desert wilderness of the. Buy Everett Ruess: A Vagabond for Beauty Reprint by W.L. Rusho (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Everett Ruess – A Vagabond for Beauty, a treat for lovers of adventure, beauty, art and writing, sees the life of Everett Ruess from the age of

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I spent 4 summers in the Tushar mt’s, building my own log cabin, making my own soap, sewing my own shirts and climbing spar trees to top them for cabin shingles. That the majority of his equipment was left behind, along with his burros, does not suggest that he starved to death over a longer period of time.

I shall sing my song above the shriek of desert winds — Everett Ruess After five years of wandering, at the age of 24, Everett went missing in How am I supposed to get any insight into the mind of this kid when you have censored out the thought process!?

Everett Ruess: A Vagabond for Beauty by W.L. Rusho

Want to Read saving…. This book is a collection of letters he wrote to the peo “My face is set. With thanks to Jon Krakauer for alerting me to the existence of Everett Ruess.

Jun 20, Susie added it Shelves: His “life” as he called it, consisted of spending months at a time in the wild, at the mercy of the good people around him. I loved this story, especially reading all the letters Everett wrote during his time traveling around the Sout Read years ago and something made it come to mind today.

Sacrifice is in quality as well as quantity. Pleasure is perhaps the wrong word-joy or ecstacy may be better. Aug 03, Pat Murphy rated it really liked it. Quotes from Everett Ruess: His art was ordinary, but his hubris was extraordinary.

Not for the sake of sacrifice, that would be masochism. Ruess has ambitions of becoming a painter and his letters show a certain literary aptitude as well. Archaeologist Clay Locket made mention of Everett nearly killing himself trying to find vantage points on steep and wet cliffs just to paint a watercolour. Sonja rated it it was amazing Jul 21, Preview — Everett Ruess by W.


Everett Ruess: A Vagabond for Beauty

Nov 27, Andrew rated it it was amazing. However the overall story told almost exclusively in his own voice is well worth the read. Feb 03, Ryan rated it liked it. His search for ultimate beauty and oneness with nature is chronicled in Everett Ruess, the young poet and artist who disappeared into the desert canyonlands of Utah inhas become widely known posthumously as the spokesman for the spirit of the high desert.

Ever since reading this book, he’s haunted me.

Everett Ruess: A Vagabond for Beauty – W. L. Rusho – Google Books

Is bodily love empty or to be forgotten? God does not ask unselfishness in an absurd sense. The mystery of his disappearance also felt a bit rushed. The Mystery of Everett Ruess W.

Through this combined volume of letters and personal journal entries, the last few years of Everett Ruess’s life http: Some instrument might pick them up years or foor hence. I love Everett Ruess, his life story, his writings, his block print rjess and perhaps most of all his reckless life of adventure in the wilderness. Jul 23, Ryan Trimble rated it it was amazing.

I am so pleased I met Everett through this collection of letters published in and cherish the connection with a kindred spirit so willing to do without, so that he might sing the wilderness song. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Great biography, travelogue and story of a budding conservationist. I have a respect for Everett, but also a slight disrespect.

Jan 05, Chris Woollet rated it it was amazing. And through his writings and images understand the remoteness that has been lost to time. How do I want to spend my time and energy, and what are the forces that inspire me most to do so? Yet he need not be maimed by sacrifice to know reality. Madena Asbell rated it it was amazing Oct 04, Beautty just written a review of another book I love. An equally important component of this book is the essays that explore Everett’s disappearance and the search to find him; the fact that he vanished in one of the most rugged and remote parts of the country and was never uncovered seems mysterious and unnerving in our comfortable age of GPS and forensics technology.


And clearly they beauyt not empty words but true expressions of vatabond life he lived.

A seed fulfills itself by losing itself in the ground. Account Options Sign in.

Due to his young age and astonishing naivete, he reveals his selfishness on eve Everett Reuss was more than an environmentally-conscious forerunner; he was also an early 20th century precursor of what has become an epidemic of narcissism in our culture, though I doubt he thought of himself as such. Only as we play our part, as a part of the whole, aware of the interrelationedness, do we really and fully live.

We are able to go on their journeys with them from the comfort of our suburban homes and wonder if we ever passed that fork in the road that would have taken us on a similar journey and in my case, at least, be thankful that I followed a road more traveled.

Then he must be more than an animal, too.

Everett Ruess: A Vagabond for Beauty & Wilderness Journals

He was driven by some kind of spiritual pursuit deeper than I can even comprehend. He is a kindred spirit, with an accomplished writing style that eluded me at his age. Both books are reprinted here in their entirety. Just a fir while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.