Get the best prices on Everpure Claris Ultra , , , , and cartridges from a master distributor. Available for next day delivery. Everpure Claris system was designed to allow the user to control the relative water softness of his or her water supply by adjusting the level of its exposure to a . Everpure Claris Water Technology. Claris water filter system are designed in details based on the quality and service requirements of modern Horeca.

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The filter material also removes heavy metals like lead, copper and cadmium.

Optimum water composition of the highest standards Optimal use of ingredients, technology; improved technology. The Claris filter provides 5 steps to remove these problems and ensure a smooth operation.

Everpure Claris Small Cartridge EV433910

Claris Systems combine technology with sophisticated engineering. Rverpure of the Claris filter: Reduces the costs of maintenance and failure from scale build-up — mineral deposits.


Even under the best standards, drinking water contains elements that might pose difficulties to the xlaris and the quality of the drinks and preparation for which they are used. Claris water filter system Claris water filter system are designed in details based on the quality and service requirements of modern Horeca.

Claris Filter can operate in vertical or horizontal position.

Everpure Claris Small Cartridge EV Sale $

The concept of filter cartridge shows also a horizontal arrangement. Coffee with a perfect cream, full taste and aroma. A milestone, new standard in the catering and vending world. Ensure maximum performance and longevity of the equipment. Tap water contains, depending on regions, a variety of suspended and dissolved organic and clariss substances.

Change cartridge when capacity is reached Water pressure at the filter inlet must not exceed psi 8bar. Cleargaf filter bags Polyester Needlefelt for foodstuff. Comparison between cartridge and bag filters. The Claris filer system s is typically used to feed: Everpure Claris provides 5 Steps of water filtration system: If the inlet pressure exceeds 8 bar, a pressure reducer valve must be installed on the water supply side of the filter system.


Claris Cartridge X Large.

Claris water filter system are designed in details based on ecerpure quality and service requirements of modern Horeca. Hot drink machine without steam operation.

Claris Cartridge XX Large. Hot drink machine with steam operation. Change Claris cartridges at least once a year. The 5 —steps system ensures that chlorine, organics and unpleasant tastes and odors are reduced efficiently, and the equipments is protected from scale deposits.