O Filo Echinodermata é um dos grupos de maior importância na estrutura das comunidades bentônicas marinhas, pois inclui organismos que. Filo Echinodermata. Front Cover. Allan Alvaro Jr Santos QR code for Filo Echinodermata. Title, Filo Echinodermata. Publisher, Allan Alvaro Jr Santos. 20 jun. DIVERSIDADE ETIMOLOGIA FILO ECHINODERMATA Gr. echinos = espinho, ouriço + derma = pele + ata = caracterizado por.

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Sea Stars, Sea Urchins and allies. Apenas Synaptula hydriformis ocorreu associada aos fitais de Halimeda opuntia e Lithothamnium sp.

Equinodermos – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

Family Astropectinidae Gray, Lista dos Echinoides recentes do Brasil. Oswaldo Cruz 48 1: The class Holothuroidea has 1, individuals recorded, distributed in eight families and 14 species.

Filo Echinodermata de Pernambuco. Later, Rathbun surveyed the distribution of species of Echinodermata. The first reference to the phylum Echinodermata for the Brazilian coast was based on notes published by Verrillwhen this group was still called Radiata, based on samples collected in the Abrolhos area off southern Bahia.

Agassiz, Lytechinus variegatus Lamarck, Inventory of the Echinodermata collection from the Universidade Federal de Alagoas. O Bentos da costa brasileira: Ophiactis brasiliensis Manso, Genus Ocnus Forbes, Rilo on intertidal rocks in Northeastern Brazil.


This collection is an important reference tool for current and future studies of the marine biodiversity of the phylum Echinodermata from the state of Alagoas and the Brazilian northeastern echinodermaat. Family Ophiolepididae Ljungman, Ophiuroidea associated with the octocoral Carijoa riisei Cnidaria: All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Mellita quinquesperforata e Leodia sexiesperforata foram observadas enterradas no sedimento, com uma fina camada de areia sobre as mesmas.

Echinodermata from Cabo Branco Beach, João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil

Services on Demand Journal. Ocnus suspectus Ludwig, Echinaster echinophorus Lamarck, Genus Duasmodactyla Ayres, Duasmodactyla seguroensis Deichmann, A List of the Brazilian Echinoderms, with notes on their distribution, etc.

Order Aspichirotida Grube, Holothuria Thymiosycia arenicola Semper, ; one record. The catalogue lists 16, individuals in the five extant classes Crinoidea, Asteroidea, Ophiuroidea, Echinoidea, and Holothuroidea. The apodous holothurians; a monograph of the Synaptidae and Molpadiidae, including a report on the representatives of these families in the collections of the United States National Museum.

Genus Luidia Forbes, Echlnodermata, Genus Tropiometra A.


Genus Amphipholis Ljungman, Taxonomy of Ophiuroidea Echinodermata from the continental shelf and slope of the southern and southeastern Brazilian Coast. Natural History Museum Publications. The class Echinoidea is represented by 97 individuals, including five families and eight species. Family Mellitidae Stefanini, Services on Demand Journal.


Amphipholis januarii Ljungman, The results of this inventory contribute significantly to knowledge of marine benthic diversity from the state of Alagoas, and the information presented here expands the data for Echinodermata from the northeastern coast of Brazil.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Holothuria Halodeima grisea Selenka, In the Brazilian Northeast, other specific collections with Brazilian specimens of Echinodermata have been established more recently in universities in the states of Bahia Manso et al.

Genus Eucidaris Pomel, According to Borges et al. Genus Narcissia Gray, Narcissia trigonaria Sladen, Holothurians from Brazilian coast: Lista dos Holothuroidea recentes do Brasil.

The reefs provide different substrata composed by algae, corals, and sponges, and of these, macroalgae harbored most individuals of Fipo and Holothuroidea. Order Paxillosida Perrier, Genus Diadema Gray, Reproductive cycle of Mellita quinquiesperforata Lesk Echinodermata, Echinoidea in two contrasting beach environments.