View the summary of this work. Bookmark: Author: Nachmanovitch, Stephen; Subjects: Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.). Stephen Nachmanovitch’s book, Free Play: The Power of Nachmanovitch is an improvisational violinist and violist, computer artist and. Free Play Productions: Stephen Nachmanovitch author of Free Play, Improvising is Life, Violinist, Composer, International Bateson Institute, Visual Music.

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Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art

That play, like the free jazz that the violinist author Nachmanovitch loves, makes heavy work light. We learn, the easy or the hard, to cultivate receptivity and mutual, expressive emancipation.

It is about why we create and what we learn when we do. Nachmanovitch, the violinist, has been recommended to me by a singer, and voice teacher. It has also helped me design my garden, decorate my house, find my way through I have several guidebooks for living and this is one of my most precious. But as we grow and experience the complexities of life, it may also be the most difficult and hard won achievement imaginable, and it’s coming to fruition is a kind of homecoming to our true selves.

There is a stereotyped belief that the muse in us acts from inspiration, while the editor in us acts from reason and judgment. I’ve reread it several times, and referred to it often. It is very precise and clear, but how it unfolds happens differently in every context. Dec 03, Mauricio Lopes rated it it was amazing Shelves: What I was talking about was adjusting the way you are doing things.

Books by Stephen Nachmanovitch. An inspiring reminder of what it means to be awake to the moment and to receive its possibilities with gratitude and imagination. The creative struggles differ by form or by the person, but ultimately we all deal with the same creative and spiritual issues.

Free Play Productions

PenguinMay 1, – Self-Help – pages. We arrange them, cook them, render them down, digest them. Articles relacionats El Gamelan: Vital reading in a world as out of touch as our’s.


I felt something in my hip, I wiggled my body around and adjusted it and now I feel good. Mar 04, Kat rated it really liked it. In a se In the fall, I discovered this book in my boyfriend’s apartment. The book is poorly organized.

You can make these subtle movements and adjust your back. As living, patterned beings, we are plxy of producing anything random. A ludic attitude can make pretty much anything fun, but drawing on the work of one play scholar, the cultural historian Johan Huizinga, ludus is one aspect of play while the other paidia seen by French philosopher of play Roger Caillois as having four stages — disturbance, tumult, fantasy and imagination.

You regard things with some interest and you change them. This is on a continuum. Somebody cut the tree.

Though, of course, play is not the opposite of seriousness, because you see children or adults playing together and they are often very serious and very concentrated and doing something that seems very important at the time and that is also play….

Genius and compassion signify a transcendent, painstaking thoroughness and attention to detail–taking the trouble to take care of our body and mind and nachmqnovitch else’s body and mind. So many rich things in this book, and I know I’ll have to read it again some day. So I had the students do finger-kissing.

And this happens over and over again. In the fall, I discovered this stephwn in my boyfriend’s apartment. Filled with unusual quotes, amusing and illuminating anecdotes, and original metaphors, it reveals how inspiration arises within us, how that inspiration may be blocked, derailed or obscured by certain unavoidable facts of life, and how finally it can be liberated – how we can be liberated – to speak or sing, write or paint, frse or play, with our own authentic voice.

The most comprehensive book on creativity and improvisation. Westerners freak out when they hear that word, because they hear the word emptiness, and they think you are dree about nihilism. It is very important, yes. Jun 06, Jmaynard rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Allowing ourselves the freedom to fail, we can become unencumbered by expectation and recreate a sense of childish abandon and bliss.


The Power of Improvisation in Life and the Arts delves into these questions. It has also helped me design my garden, decorate my house, find my way through a variety of puzzling projects, as well as allowed me to give good advice to my friends who find themselves confused and stuck.

This book ruminates on the nature of creative genius and proposes that we all have genius in us, if we just transcend rational selfhood, express that unbounded nachmanpvitch, and translate it back out through practiced craft. And it is very important for musicians to know that they can move and that dancers can make noise. And you are learning from it or changed by it in some way.

Freeplay with Stephen Nachmanovitch

The great lovers, the great world reformers and ve, are those who have passed beyond their individual ego demands and are able to hear the nachkanovitch of the world.

Free Play is directed toward people in any field who want to contact, honor, and strengthen their own cr. May 10, Rachel Rizzo rated it really liked it Shelves: He described an experience to me that was also described by other creative people from the time when they were imprisoned in the concentration camps. People interested in “the five steps to improving your creativity” will find this book highly unsatisfying.

This is a powerful book, the kind of book that requires more than a single reading.