The author constructed all the things related to a “new world”, from history to . At first glance, Yusuke Kishi created a dream world, but, as the story goes, we. Yusuke Kishi (貴志祐介, Kishi Yūsuke), born , is a Japanese author. の家 Kitsunebi no Ie), ; From the New World (新世界より Shinsekai yori), Shin Sekai Yori – From the New World – an English translation of the novel.

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I have a question. Her team defeats several opponents until the final match when one of kisui members of the opposing team breaks the rules, ending the match in a draw. This isn’t necessarily bad, as it gives the manga it’s own way of moving the story.

In ADjishi. A dystopian novel about journeys through life for six unbeknownst kids. November 8, at 2: Will you also translate the prequel that is being published in Shousetsu Gendai, Shinsekai Zero-nen??

From the New World

Mightier than the Sword. September 9, [23]. I do have another project lined up—The Tatami Galaxy. Hi, thank you very much for the translation! The whole novel consists of kidhi parts, combining the childhood, teen years and adulthood of the characters. Probably the most creative and interesting science-fiction world I’ve ever experienced.

She tells Saki to find the Fromm Council and warn the others, while she stays behind. May 16, at 1: Mamoru begins to panic, so Saki, Satoru and Maria decide to keep investigating by themselves without him, but soon after they are called for an audience with Satoru’s grandmother Tomiko, who is revealed to be the head of the Ethics Committee, a fact that not even Satoru was aware of. Retrieved June 10, Thank you for all your hard work! It gave kisyi courage to do the same.


During their escape, they meet a Monster Rat, Squealer, of the Robber Fly colony who rescues them from their pursuers.

新世界より [Shinsekai Yori] by Yusuke Kishi

Now feeling sorry for Squealer, Saki secretly puts him out of his misery. This is the complete novel using the Oct 19 version of the PDF. From the New World, Volume 2. Trinity Soul Birdy the Mighty: I am seriously about to go through the long and tedious process of collecting all the text and making one myself right now.

July 29, [26]. There were yuxuke intimate moments and some kind of new things that is not quite right for our current society, however they were what made the book interesting and yuauke.

Here, the fine line between villain and hero was erased, giving us a really complicated story. PDF release when fellow S.

That would be pretty nice, and thank you in advance: July 7, at 7: My best wishes to you. There were plot twists at worlx parts and heart-breaking events. Luc Petronille and Florent Gorges. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Searching through science fiction in terms of psychic abilit This book was everything I wanted it to be and more.


December 9, at 5: How are things going so far? Well I guess Japanese society is so degenerate they consider this serious writing.

March 19, at 6: It was rich, detailed and interesting to read about brand new world in the What a book! I only looked through a few parts of her PDF completely, but it appears complete.

I hope your travels worlx pleasant and happy holidays. Decode Black Butler — Kannagi: After clearing the place of the Monster Rats and rescuing the few survivors, the party is attacked by an unknown individual who kills everyone in its path with an overwhelming power. Thank you so much for translating this book! New World Zero Year?

From the New World

You are absolutely amazing for putting in all this work. September 8, at 2: Stay in Touch Sign up. On pagekiwhi is a backwards quotation mark in paragraph Shun stops coming to school, and his friends in Group 1 start looking for him in secret. Thanks again for continuing to work on this!