Explore Rizalino Manipor’s board “bloodlines” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Game fowl, Hens and Chicken breeds. Very brainy and hardy, these chickens use an off-beat fighting style which twits the aggressive American type of gamefowl. Accurate body hitters and smart. Grey Fighting Style In most gamefowl fights in the past, the ‘Texas’ or the red gamefowl, often an imported American bloodline or cross was the llamado in.

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This is the old Duke Hulsey breed from the 70s that the legendary Paeng Araneta and a few Bacolod breeders have bred into a champion fighter. Gamefowl bloodlines and their characteristics. Si te gusto el articulo comparte por favor Facebook 0. While the first McLean Hatches did not win all the blooddlines, they were admired by many for their aggressive, no-holds barred attitude and suicide attack mode.

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Nowadays, compared to modern fighting cocks, the Radio rooster is a little slower. The Whitehackles are regarded as a ring generals, fighting tactically and engaging its enemy from any position available due to their agility and shiftiness. The Gamefowp a popular American breeder lucked out on breeding them off the Phil Marsh line and Oakley Blues, when these gamefowl were still at the top of their game. Due to its heavy build from 4lbs up to 6lbs, the Asil is a very hard hitting rooster and can maim an opponent just on bare heels alone.

Lemon 84 called as such because the original brood cock had gameflwl number 84 comes lemon hackled, peacombed or straight-combed and yellow and green-legged.

But knowing how each bloodline fights gives you a heads-up on what you might want to breed or how you may enjoy your entertainment when you go to your next pit gmaefowl. Some underrated breeds have lucky come from behind wins and they really occur blooslines even the winningest gamefowl. They come ether yellow legged or white legged and have red eyed and pale yellow hackles. Radios get the first hit because of their sheer aggressiveness.


Same gamefowl traits as the McRaes as black pit fighters go. They have a good resistance, they are excellent fighters and have great intelligence.

October 22, Leave a comment. Now, after a lot of developing into the history of present day families of fowl, it makes us laugh right out loud. Most gamefowl breeders won’t even tell you which rooster bests another because each pit fight is different and the odds are always even. Among their characteristics, they are really good flyers which is a rare characteristic among roostersthough a little clumsy.

Sweaters used to lack endurance, but infusions into their bloodline made them the most feared opponents they are today. They are very intelligent, cheerful, and very aggressive fighters, and this is often their advantage.

Accurate body hitters and smart side-steppers, asils are usually graded up to an eighth b,oodlines even a sixteenth with the American fowl in the hope gamefoql retaining the desirable cutting and off-beat traits of the Orientals in the resulting battlecrosss.

Highly prized in South Asia as the perfect rooster bloodline and even a revered icon of Indian mythology, the Asil breed was sourced from the countries India and Pakistan. The only guarantee is to know the bloodline so that you know it well enough to know its strengths and weaknesses. Although lacking in gameness, Lemon 84 makes up for it with its almost automatic, instinctive and precise sense of timing when it clips the opponent in gamdfowl and throws his fatal punches or counterpunches.

Bloodlines – Bloodlines of the Champion

This bloodline is one of the gamest among the many Whitehackle subfamilies and is used only for infusion purposes to bloodlinrs up any floundering bloodline.

Odds were always against the white feathered rooster or the so called Talisayin when matched with a Texas. Brassback fowl do not run from a fight, gametowl with a broken wing or leg or a blinded eye, they will chase their opponent until they kill it, even in a drag fight.


In Mexico, he is crossed with Hatch for a flea knife and very good fighting cocks come out of it, and in the Philippines he crosses a lot with Kelso for the Philippine knife. The Albany one is a rooster of power that is very active in the ring. However, this is not one of bloodlinws families of fighting cocks for the inch knife.

Muffs throw a barrage of blows with no let up or bill hold. Power Extreme Hatches are known as power hitting, very aggressive and the toughest.

The gamefowl are medium to high stationed with an average weight of 2 to 2. Butchers are straight-combed red that often come white-legged with some bloodlunes yellow-legged.

October 16, October 19, Leave a comment. They are said to be the perfect cross for the Lemon and the Kelso. It has broad shoulders, a short beak and very prominent wings. In the drag fight, the infused Brown Reds are defensive and very calculating which is uncharacteristic of a typical Brown Red.

Top Fighting Rooster Breeds and Their Characteristics

Used mainly for foundation blood purposes, old time breeders agree that the best battlecross carries only a quarter or less of the Blueface blood. They are classic roosters that you will always see in almost any farm, they fight very well both up and down. In the air they are a match with almost any air slashing fighter but on bloodilnes ground, they literally trample their opponents to submission.