Glastonbury Clashfinder Friday 23rd June 15 Glastonbury Clashfinder. This is my clashfinder for Glastonbury If you like it or notice a mistake, please leave a comment below. Glastonbury Line-upNow & NextItineraryClashfinder. Last Update: Displaying Show your highlights. Clear. Show: All Highlighted Acts.

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Rev 18 The Residency Live On Radio 1.

Glastonbury 2017 full line-up: This is how much Clashfinder got right

No, it isn’t possible I’m afraid. Turns out all three will be on the Pyramid Stage on Friday instead.

Guest – L Slightly confused about Weds – Croissant Nerf Bandstand not appearing on mine- any tips on how to make this appear? Massive thanks to cl84 for some stellar moderating. Rev 68 Rev 59 Weather Met Office responds to reports of ‘huge’ new year snow storm as ‘real winter’ approaches Recent reports suggest that the UK could be blanketed in snow.


Glastonbury line-up calls for Clashfinder conundrum…

The acts are identified by name and occurrence number so when one of the TBCs gets removed, all the subsequent TBCs get bumped up by one. I’m probably just missing it, but will the BBC introducing stage be added please? The Small World Stage has confirmed Squaretails clashdinder be on Sponsored Loyle Carner brings huge new music project for young musicians to Liverpool.

Rev 55 I think all clahfinder should be displayed by default on a phone. Just don’t go selling it, m-kay?.

Rev 73 Rev 99 Rev 69 All stages are shown on your phone unless you’ve selected which stages you want displayed, in which case it respects your choice.

Clashfinder :: Clashfinder List

Rev 35 Rev 72 No, useful information normally starts coming out in May. Soon, I promise Print if you have to Have at it! Firstly, thanks for all your hard work!

Thanks again for the work! People have enough trouble with the print advisory and that’s really easy. Donnie Darko Directors Cut.


News J Hus jailed for eight months after pleading guilty to possession of a knife. Kevin Saunderson has cancelled, please stop re-adding him. Rev 11 Rev 95 Reverend Ike’s Sunday Soul Service.

Funktion One Experimental Soundfield. I didn’t get a chance last night.