Terry King gives an overview of gum bichromate printing, along with a step-by- step guide to the process. Fifteen years ago, I was in a similar. Gum bichromate process definition, a contact printing method in which the image is formed on a coating of sensitized gum containing a suitable colored pigment. In the late s, pictorialist photographers favored a diversity of photographic techniques, including the gum dichromate process. Sometimes superimposed.

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In a well-ventilated room mix g potassium metabisulphite in a tray of water and soak the print for 1—5 minutes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

An introduction to the gum bichromate process

But the technique of this black and white print gave it a power, a hyper-reality that seemed to outshine so many of the silver gelatin prints I had seen. A poor print is usually the result of failing to control one or more variables. Potassium dichromate, widely used in other processes such as carbon printing and photogravure, provides reasonable exposure speeds while minimizing the tendency bichromatee leave an orange stain.

More information on casein printing can be pgocess here. Retrieved from ” https: But do not try it if you are tense or in a bad mood. Read the health and safety instructions. Winsor and Newton sell it in a prepared form that is expensive but is of the right consistency Beaurme.

Paper negatives can be used to save cost for the larger sizes; the image on the paper negative will need to be laterally reserved; the exposure made emulsion to emulsion and increased by a factor of three. Gum bichromate, or gum dichromate as it is bichromatte known, is a photographic printing process invented in the early days of gu, when, inMungo Ponton discovered that dichromates are light sensitive.

Increase your time until you begin to see pleasing images which capture the details of your negatives.

Handle with care and take proper safety precautions; keep out of reach of children; consult a Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS for further handling instructions. Here is where prcoess plays an important part in the process. I, for my part, went to a talk by a gentleman from Maidenhead called Steinbock. Expressive, delicate, and inspiring-many are the complementary adjectives showered in praise of the gum bichromate print.


Each layer must be fully processed and dried before subsequent layers can bicyromate applied.


I avoid problems of sizing and lack of lateral stability by using papers that are adequately sized and of adequate weight. The emulsion is spread on a support, such as paper, and allowed to dry.

The print emulsion consists of a saturated solution of potassium dichromate, gum arabic, and a coloring agent, in this case, watercolor pigment. Blackburn gives us an introduction to the Gum bichromate process including a step-by-step to give anyone a good start. The process is more forgiving as those blchromate variables are effectively grasped.

Then add about cm of watercolor from a tube. You will find that some variables, such as paper and pigment batches, change without warning requiring major adjustments to be made to other knobs on the console.

Mix the dichromate crystals bichrpmate the 80mL of warm water until dissolved. Make lots of sized paper at one time. Well that was fairly simple; remembering these principles should bichroamte you to answer most of the problems that the process throws up. Most of what is presented comes from twenty years of personal experience, bichromahe perhaps a bias or two picked up along the way.

Artists choosing to use the sun for their UV source can expect to see a greater degree of variation from print to print than those using a more consistent light source. Someone suggested to Demarchy that he should go back to the experiments of the s.

As an example for a typical 8 x 10 print, combine 3 eyedroppers full of gum with 3 eyedroppers full procexs dichromate. Store finished solution in a light-tight bottle. That was a health warning. Make fresh as you go along. Increasing the levels of light or dichromate, increases the insolubility of the materials which consequently, lessens the contrast. The method you establish will reflect your own personality and way of working. A good print begins with a good negative.


Recently, with the digital revolution firmly in place and technical advances in paper sizing, the popularity of all types of dichromate printing is once again building steam and gaining speed. Potassium dichromate K2Cr can be dissolved to the extent of one part in eleven in water.

On the other hand, if the emulsion has swept off your paper or is flaking and fragmenting during the brief initial rinse time or in the first wash, try doubling or tripling your exposure time. The ammonium compound is three times as nasty and three times as fast. Part B is a saturated solution of dichromate salt.

Some are more complicated and achieve different aesthetic results. The variables become more manageable while bichromatee image quality is virtually identical. Papers bicnromate are gelatine sized sometimes need additional size applied to the surface followed bichronate an application of a weak formaldehyde or glyoxal solution hardener to help maintain paper quality throughout multiple print layers and many water baths.

The prints are made on Arches Platine paper, sized with gelatin. Let your paper soak in very warm water for at least 10 minutes some papers may require more soaking time and then dry allowing the paper to shrink.

Gum bichromate or dichromate printing involves creating a working emulsion made ptocess three components:. A staining pigment will stain the whole of the image area. Witness, too, the plethora of new publications devoted to the subject of gum printing and the increasing number of exhibitions featuring both monochrome and tricolor prints.