GURPS Infinite Worlds: Lost Worlds is a collection of timelines we couldn’t squeeze into GURPS Infinite Worlds. Written by fan-favorite Kenneth Hite, these six. After spending far too long working on it (mostly due to spending far longer not working on it) I can finally present my rendition of the Siva There are hundreds or more alternate worlds in the GURPS Infinite Worlds Iskander-5, CE , TL3 Celtic-Hellenistic Kingdoms TL(4+1), Lost Worlds 8.

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Weird War II W: Yes, my password is: Any differences in the years will be represented by old year 3e reference ; new year 4e reference and those with years that don’t quite line up will be in bold. STMLost Worlds Threadmarks View all 34 threadmarks.

Worlds of Infinite Worlds

This number includes both parallels and echoes B The core province of the country, Buenos Aires, had broke away. Add tags Tags separate by space: Lost Worldsthere’s even more invinite explore! Homeline is included in this number. Echoes that shift or are shown to be anchor usually given new names.


GURPS Infinite Worlds Covers

AE 12, IW Surf our site for the files you want. Hell on Earth Divergence Point ; supers exist. At his maximum speed he can do 65d damage to himself and the thing he collides with.

With german support the Freistaatler won the civil war. But you can’t pack infinite information into a finite form — infonite material just won’t fit. To gain more supporters, the Free State proclaimed the emancipation of the slaves in Texas.

Dlgwellis and RiverDelta like this. Southern Brazil and Paraguay were open for german settlement, France founded in the North the puppet empire Equadoria and the center with Rio and Sao Paulo came under british rule. Pee Kitty has drawn out the relationships between the various world-jumping groups on this Infinite Worlds Organization Chart. Until the discovery of Centrum Beta apparently an Quantum 7 echo of Centrum it was thought that only Homeline had echoes.

Add a copy to your collection.

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Surf our site for the files you want. Written by fan-favorite Kenneth Inffinite, these six worlds run the gamut from unusual historical echoes of interest to Homeline, to bizarre timelines where robots rule the world or steam-powered technology is commonplace!


Dixie-4 Part 2 Scrambles for the Americas the CSA had recovered from the Civil War and decided to restart the project of an annexation of Texas and probably some other territories, especially after the beginning of the gold-rush in mexican California. On Homeline Prussia and Austria stayed neutral and regionalized the War, on Dixie-4 Germany and Austria formed with Britain and France a anti-russian alliance, leading to a much greater conflict.

There are over 18 known post-apocalyptic worlds that suffered nuclear war, and three that suffered biowarfare B GMs can use this to create a whole meta-campaign, or just as an excuse to move characters between worlds when the plot requires it.

The CSA took a hint and abolished slavery in Campaign Iinfinite game world.

Tech Levels for uninhabited worlds are listed “NA”. This would blow past his DR and do 52 damage to him after armor, resulting in taking him to HP and no HT roll to survive.

The war lasted till