Ref. HWV German Title. Brockes Passion (Der für die Sünde der Welt gemarterte und sterbende Jesus). English Title. Passion after. Barthold Hinrich Brockes was a prolific poet of the early-German Enlightenment. From a literary standpoint Brockes’s most important and, indeed, voluminous. Sunday, March 25, | P.M.. Friday, March 30, | P.M.. ​. Christ the King Lutheran Church. Rice Boulevard, Houston. The Passion is.

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Brocks – Good Friday April 31, or April 12, – Thomaskirche, Leipzig Text Barthold Heinrich Brockes Handel made slight word modifications in the Brockes text, and set only movements, omitting occasional repetitive trio-aria commentaries, such as No.

Handel’s Brockes Passion is “an entirely worthy contribution to the repertory of its genre.

Oxford Church Anthems [C-1]. And how do you go about presenting this to a modern audience?

Brockes Passion (Handel) – Wikipedia

Brockes’s text is a paraphrase of the Passion brockex based on the accounts provided in the four Gospels. Ina Hamburg city councillor and poet, Barthold Heinrich Brockes, published an oratorio libretto: Brockes Passion [P-1] Handel: Dirk Kleinke ; Bass [Jesus]: Archived from the original on 24 September Handel also set the Faithful Soul aria, No.


M-1 The Stanford Archive Series: Handel provides only the first stanza of the three-stanza concluding chorale, No.

Sophie Klussmann ; Tenor [Petrus]: Christ Church Cathedral Choir Oxford. This new performance, however, has persuaded me that there is more of note in the music than I had previously realized.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky – Arie Antiche [P-1]. Handel Master Musicians Series.

Handel’s Brockes Passion

The Evangelist and other persons in the drama concerned with narrative dialogue sing in recitative, mainly secco but sometimes accompagnato. Since the German-born Handel had been resident in London. Michael Dahmen ; Bass [Jesus]: Why did he choose at this stage in his life to write a German oratorio, for a German audience? Stefanie Schmitt ; Tenors: Stadtsingechor Halle Choir Master: With the Brockes Passion I strongly feel that the hqndel and text alone should be sufficient to move the audience wherever they may want to go.

bachsocietyhouston | Handel Brockes Passion

What follows is a sequence of recitataives, arias, choruses and chorales. John Noble ; Soprano: Hubert Wild ; Soprano brokes Soul]: Handel was already well established in London when he wrote the Brockes Passion. Good Friday April 8, – Leipzig prepared for performance by J.

By Jane Shuttleworth19 February Complete Work Recordings of Individual Movements.

The present performance begins with a Sinfonia belonging to what is considered to be the earliest of the sources; Handel’s autograph has not survived. Barthold Hinrich Brockes was a prolific poet of the early-German Enlightenment.


Handel Brockes-passion

Johanna Winkel ; Mezzo-soprano [Maria]: Whether you want to see what we think of today’s latest releases or discover what our critics thought of your favourite recordings from the past, you will find it all in our full-searchable Reviews Database.

Click here for conditions of use. The Stanford Archive Series: Is the Brockes Passion really an opera in disguise? Henning Klocke ; Bass: Istvan Gati’s Jesus is also strong and persuasive. Mattheson on a series of four evenings.

Barthold Heinrich Brockes was an influential German poet who re-worked the traditional form of a Passion oratorio, adding reflective and descriptive poetry, sometimes of a highly-wrought and emotional kind, into the texture of his Passion. AprilMatthias Rademacher March To sum up, the solo singing, the stylish approach, the lively and affectionate direction have resulted in a splendid achievement.

Oratorio Passion for Good Friday. Retrieved from ” https: