The HEALIX ADVANCE™ Knotless Anchors are part of the comprehensive HEALIX ADVANCE™ Family of Sutures, providing knotless fixation for rotator cuff . The HEALIX ADVANCE KNOTLESS Anchor features dual-thread technology to maximize fixation and pull-out strength in both cancellous and. Mitek Sports Medicine, part of DePuy, itself part of J&J, is releasing the HEALIX ADVANCE KNOTLESS Anchor for arthroscopic rotator cuff.

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The lateral sutures are tightened to evaluate the integrity of the margin convergence. Kl3l 12 hinting neversrop moving healix advance knotle55 peek anchor 6. Twelve pairmatched freshfrozen shoulder specimens were randomized to 3 groups of different repair types. Biomechanical comparison of modified suture bridge using rip.

HEALIX ADVANCE™ Knotless Anchor | DePuy Synthes Companies

Rotator cuff repair solutions comprehensive product. Mitek sports unveils healix advance knotless anchor for.

To qualify the proposed healix advancetm knotless peek anchors, various device performance characteristics were tested and evaluated by depuy mitek and were found to be substantially equivalent to those of the predicate depuy mitek s healix knotlesstm br heaix k1 and arthrex pushlock peek halix k06 Carding, bins, ccs revue technique cbr subforo. Rotator cuff repair solutions comprehensive product offerings. Cyclic loading biomechanical analysis of the pullout.

Pass the suture through soft tissue with the surgeons preferred suturepassing technique.

The humeri were stripped of all soft knotleas and 3 different biocomposite knotless lateral row anchors. Knotless suture anchor accommodates up to knofless sutures, making it the. Mitek sports medicine launched the healix advance knotless suture anchor for use in rotator cuff repair.

Rigidfix curve surgical tech full animation youtube. Threads such as found on the healix anchor available from depuy mitek inc.

The healix advance anchor provides a multithread configuration that engages both cortical and cancellous bone more effectively than singlethread designs. Depuy mitek has announced the launch of a new family of suture anchors, according to a news release. The healix knotless br anchor was inserted into a hole created using a 4.


Once the tissue is at the desired location on the bone, unscrew the inserter and pull the utility loop helix from the anchor. The content on this page is intended for healthcare professionals.

An excellent combination of size and strength hand repair phalanges fdp repair jersey finger flexor digitorum profundus tendon insertion reattached to the anterior base of the distal. Equivalence ki mitek healix knotless bir anchor device singlemultiple component metallic bone fixation appliances and accessories, classification classified as class 11, product code mai regulated uinder 21 cfr The lateral sutures are tightened to evaluate the integrity of the margin convergence fig 5.

With healix advance knotless anchor, the healix family of anchors. A surgical technique that allows surgeons to perform a standardized arthroscopic transosseous anchor free repair of rotator cuff tears using a new disposable device is described. The healix advance knotless anchors are offered in three sizes. Healix advance knotless anchor performance with fibertape depuy synthes mitek sports medicine developed in collaboration with thomas knapp, m. The healix advance suture anchors are new system of rotator cuff anchor and instrumentation solutions, according to the company.

Elastic wrap rotator cuff doctor of orthopedic. Advancing the health of healthcare is a trademark and medline is a registered trademark of medline industries, inc.

Rotator Cuff Repair using HEALIX ADVANCE Anchors and HEALIX ADVANCE Knotless Anchors | VuMedi

Mitek sports medicine healix advancetm knotless anchor. Remove the healix advance knotless anchor from the sterile package. Illustrative examples of such knotless anchors include the allthread knotless anchors by biomet incorporated warsaw, ind.

Healix advance knotless peek anchor by depuy medline. Depuy mitek sports medicine into the lateral footprint. The healix advance knotless anchors are 1piece devices comprised of a threaded anchor body that lock the suture between the anchor and bone on one side of the anchor.


Ensure area of anchor insertion is free of soft tissue. For more information, call your mitek representative hdalix or visit us at. To compare the biomechanical properties of 3 suturebridge techniques for rotator cuff repair. Device description the proposed healix advance knotless anchor is a one piece implantable cannulated, threaded anchor designed to secure soft tissue to bone. Usb2 implant placement systems, devices and methods.

Depuy Mitek Healix Knotless Peek Ref 222287

Depuy mitek sports medicine into the lateral footprint of the rotator cuff. Mitek sports medicine launches new healix advance knotless anchor for.

Knotless suturebased anchors rudy robbe, md, and george a.

This is a fully detailed surgical animation which should be used to help train surgeons and consultants on the intricacies of the technique. Mitek sports medicine introduces healix advance knotless.

Cyclic biomechanical testing of biocomposite lateral row. Knotless suturebased anchors include the ultrafix knotless minimite suture anchor linvatec, largo, fl, the knotless suture anchor mitek products inc, westwood, ma, the. In another construction, the suture anchor rotates to toggle into bone at its proximal end to minimize withdrawal.

Surgical filament snare assemblies depuy mitek, llc.

Mitek healix knotless pdf free

Depuy mitek sports medicine into hea,ix lateral footprint of the rotator cuff fig 6. Description the healix knotlessanchor is a one piece implant. Value analysis brief healix advance knotless anchor.