Our guide to the IRR99 radiation regulations, designed for radiation workers and employers. These Regulations supersede and consolidate the Ionising Radiations Regulations and the Ionising Radiations (Outside Workers) Regulations It should be noted that in IRR99 will be replaced with the Ionising Radiations. Regulations and this document and other ONR guidance will be.

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The cumulative dose assessment in mSv for the year to Authorisation of specified practices 6.

Annals of the ICRP. Where an employer puts into effect a system of dose In laboratories there will be general requirements for regylations spillages and for cleaning up any contamination arising from a forseeable accident.

Ionising Radiations Regulations

The new document updates and clarifies the existing regulations — it does not rewrite the document — making important changes for anyone working within the ionising radiation environment. Dose assessment and recording. Prevent the exposure commencing whilst the access panel or barrier is open Interrupt the exposure if the access panel or barrier is opened Prevent the exposure recommencing merely by closing the access panel or barrier Sources of radiation which can give rise to significant exposure in a very short time should be fitted with visible and audible warning devices which: The examination may be carried out during erection or installation, commissioning, or trials prior to use and will normally require co-operation between employers.

The particulars to be included in the health record are given in Schedule 7. Additional requirements for designated areas Notification of specified work Reg 7: PART I table of radionuclides.

Implementation of requirements for Controlled and Supervised Areas Prior examination of plans for installation and commissioning of new or modified sources of radiation in relation to engineering controls, design features, safety features and warning devices provided to restrict exposure Application, calibration and maintenance of instruments used for monitoring both radiation and contamination Periodic examination and testing of engineering controls, design features, regulayions features and warning devices with regular checks on Systems of Work for restricting radiation exposure It is the tegulations responsibility to ensure that the appointed RPA is suitable to the appointment.


Extension outside Great Britain United Kingdom, overseas [15]. The following conditions apply to the use of this higher effective dose limit: Defence on contravention Reg In any case where the isotopic composition of a radioactive Sealed sources and articles containing or embodying radioactive substances. Wherever practically possible, all radioactive materials utilised for their radiation properties should be in the form of iirr99 sealed source.

Estimated doses and special entries.

Ionising Radiations Regulations – Wikipedia

When a classified person ceases employment with his current employer, the employer must request the ‘approved dosimetry service’ to produce a ‘termination record’ for that individual, which summarises his dose received during that employment. Prior written authorisation from the HSE is required for the use of accelerators except electron microscopes and for work with X-rays in:.

When not being used, moved, transported or disposed of, all radioactive sources must be kept in a suitable receptacle in a suitable store, i. Before any new activity involving work with radiation can proceed the employer must make an assessment of the risk to employees and others in order to identify the measures to be taken to restrict exposures.

Justification Justification is one of the key principles of radiological protection established by the International Commission on Radiological Protection on which the radiological framework of the UK is based.

Dose limitation for overexposed employees Reg Is this page useful? Equipment used for medical exposure Reg 27 2 Prevention of leakage from a container holding radioactive material. Additional requirements for designated areas.

Ionising radiation – Radiation legal base

Such notification values for the common range of radionuclides in rsgulations or research use as sealed sources are given below:. Women of reproductive capacity An equivalent dose limit applies to the abdomen of women of reproductive capacity for exposure to external radiation, being 13 mSv in any consecutive period of three months.

Within this category, working practices include:.

It is the duty of employees to make themselves available for medical surveillance during working hours, if required by the employer, and to provide the doctor with such health information as he may require.


Notification of specified work. Only after these have been applied should consideration be given to the use of supporting written procedures. Protection by written procedures A written System of Work may be necessary where the risk assessment indicates that specific procedures would improve radiation protection still further.

Such dose assessment may be achieved by either issuing a personal dosimetry badge, or other suitable means, e. Any duty imposed on an employer to satisfy the Regulations in respect of persons other than his employees, is itr99 relevant where such persons are exposed as a result of the work conducted by that employer. Without prejudice to paragraph 3— a the limit on equivalent Date of the last medical review of the outside worker Work with ionising radiation shall not be required to be It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the appointed RPA is suitable to the appointment.

In any case where— a the dose limits specified in Dose Limitation Reg 11 Schedule 4 – Part I The employer must ensure that the following dose limits prescribed in Schedule 4 are not exceeded in any calendar year: A statement that the passbook has been approved by the Notify lowest risk Register medium risk Consent highest risk Notifying the HSE about your work with ionising radiation has no cost and the notification does not have an expiry date.

In general, the value assigned to any dose constraint is intended to represent a level of dose which ought to be achieved in a well-managed practice. Such notification values for the common inventory of radionuclides in orr99 use are given below:.

All employees who are engaged in work with radiation are to be given appropriate training in radiation protection and receive sufficient instruction for them to appreciate the risks to health regultaions by exposure to radiation, the precautions to be taken and the importance of complying fully with the Regulations.