he called numerics, was the ancient Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New . Important Note: Dr. Ivan Panin’s original work has not been changed except for a . Quote==Ivan Panin, the most prominent person in Bible numerics in modern times, was born in Czarist Russia in , lived most of his life in the US, and died. Ed.) Ivan Panin. Bible Numerics, as it is known and practiced today, is indissolubly connected with the name of Ivan Panin of Aldershot, Ontario, who made.

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Ivan Panin

Banks, a worthy successor of Dr. Let’s take the number seven as an illustration of the way the patterns work. The light of ivah sun is made up of seven distinct colours as shown in the rainbow. The words “my wrath” have the numeric value Perhaps there is good reason. Resources Testimonies Thank You! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In fact there are over 50 occurrences of the number seven in Revelation alone. Did Jesus or the apostles ever use numeric codes to interpret the Old Testament?

Bible Numerics: The Works of Ivan Panin

It saw an end to the old system of animal sacrifice to atone for sin. In music there are seven distinct notes which climax in a chord or octave at the beginning of a new seven.


Belial which is personification of evil has a value of 78 bigle x 6. Dr Panin says the laws of probability are exceeded into the billions when we try and rationalise the authorship of the Bible as the work of man.

Panin became well known as a firm agnostic— so well known that when he discarded his agnosticism, and accepted the Christian faith nunerics newspapers carried headlines telling of his conversion. We must conclude that the use of secret numeric codes to interpret the Bible did not come from historic Christian hermeneutics.

Ivan Panin Bible Numerics – Numerical Patterns In Scripture, Chance, Or Design?

Our Mission Our goal is to give a purely biblical perspective on each subject. Jesus also called himself the Son of man. This verse has seven Hebrew words having a total of 28 letters 4 x 7. It is the personal number of Jesus. In the Book of Revelation seven positively shines out: Our Books Read all of our Christian books for free here: So I quietly withdrew and did my work all by myself”. When we add together the letter values of the name Jesus in the Greek we get Proponents of his work include well-known authors such as Chuck Missler.

He was a mathematical genius who died a Harvard scholar and a citizen of the United States in Since every Greek and Hebrew letter carries a numerical value letters being used for figures in these languagesevery word, phrase, sentence and paragraph has a definite arithmetical sum.


Having already written The Revolutionary Movement in Russia inhe traveled around giving lectures on Russian literature especially PushkinGogolTurgenevand Tolstoyauthors who had contributed to the social upheaval that forced changes in Russia during the mid s. He was the author of a volume, Structure of the Bible and of a revision of the New Testament based upon his numeric discoveries. Another criticism is that the same kind of numeric patterns can be found in any text, yet the methods used for casual demonstrations of this nature lack the requisite depth to draw conclusions.

Ivan Panin – Wikipedia

It remained for Dr. Did Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, the Puritans, the Pilgrims, or the great evangelical preachers of the past used numeric codes to interpret the Bible?

Since that time many other learned skeptics have been confronted with the same evidence, and not one has been able to discredit it.

For the skier of the same name, see Ivan Panin skier. The works of Dr Ivan Panin have been put before the experts many times. The 66 books of the Bible nu,erics in the Old and 27 in the New were written by 33 different people.