Books shelved as jakub-wedrowycz: Wieszać każdy może by Andrzej Pilipiuk, Kroniki Jakuba Wędrowycza by Andrzej Pilipiuk, Zagadka Kuby Rozpruwacza by . Czarownik Iwanow (Kroniki Jakuba Wędrowycza, #2). avg rating — 1, Zagadka Kuby Rozpruwacza (Kroniki Jakuba Wędrowycza, #4). avg rating. Andrzej Pilipiuk (born March 20, , in Warsaw), Polish humoristic science- fiction and fantasy author. He debuted in with short story “Hiena”, which featured the first appearance of Jakub Wędrowycz, ); Mystery of Jack the Reaper, (Zagadka Kuby Rozpruwacza, ); Hanging for everybody, (Wieszać każdy.

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Jakub was born around His exact date of birth is unknown even to himself. His father taught him how to produce moonshine, which would later become a skill he would be fond of.

Czarownik Iwanow by Andrzej Pilipiuk

Inhe boarded the RMS Titanic with his father to participate in a secret moonshine society meeting, where a contest was held: Due to sabotage, just after Jakub’s father received his prize and was declared the best moonshine producer in the world, one of the stills exploded, causing the Titanic to sink.


Jakub doesn’t have any formal education: He was very active during World War II. He, along with his father’s friend Jaiub Korczaszko born ca.

This team was infamous for gruesome mutilations of their enemies: Now that’s a greeting worthy of the Red Army! He is known for his paranormal knowledge: Jakub saw through the lie and turned them into werewolves so “they could pass through to Munich”. He forgot to mention that they could only eat on a full moon.

Jakub Wędrowycz – Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

And that they could only eat human meat. This house is no normal house – Jakub stores many “trophies” from the WW2.

These include a gigantic arsenal of weaponry, some outfits from various soldiers, a German motorbike and many jars full of money in various currencies from all around the world. Jakub is practically immortal – he once went to a chiromancer, who told him his life line on his palm is awfully short.

Then he proceeded to break the beer bottle he was holding on a bench and started “correcting” the line which has given him a very long lifespan.


Czarownik Iwanow

kyby He is known to have cheated death on several occasions, including smashing Death herself to pieces by means of Panzerfaust and breaking out of Hell causing heavy damage in the process. He was once drank to death by his own guardian angel, but it was reversed by St.

Peter, who did not approve of such methods. He is known for his unnaturally long penis – according to the stories, he must store it in roozpruwacza pantsleg and tuck the tip away into his boot. His current hobbies include vampire hunting which is interpreted by the local police as grave robbing and poaching dogs – particularly police ones.

Always try to have a positive mindset. Biography Jakub was born around Some fans place his birth in Januarywhich now would make him years old.