Jenny Pox: The complete series is now available as boxed set on Kindle and ” JL Bryan has written a book that runs the gamut from young adult romance to. Free eBook: Jenny Pox by J.L. Bryan. Eighteen-year-old Jenny Morton has a horrific secret: her touch spreads a deadly supernatural plague. Jenny Pox is one of the latest in a seemingly endless supply of teen supernatural romances. But in its defence, it couldn’t be further from the over-done, love.

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The main characters are in high school and much of the story revolves around poox school environment so you might take this as a YA book. Her life is spent avoiding people at all costs, and she at all times wears clothes that cover up the majority of her body — including gloves for her hands — that make her an object of ridicule.

J. L. Bryan

Then she meets the one boy she can touch. Feb 25, Karina Halle rated it liked it.


I loved it, then felt bored, then hated it. View all 11 comments. I was very intrigued by this book for page 1. It’s j, one of the only times in the novel that the gender of the author shines. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising. The story centers around Jenny and grabs a reader from page one.

Jenny Pox by JL Bryan book review

A masterfully written villain, Ashleigh is quite the character. I guess with “WOW!!!

Bryab felt so deflated and disappointed and wondered WHY my time was wasted with them. Jun 08, Sally Slater rated jo did not like it. Her life is painfully lonely until she meets a boy named Seth with the opposite power, a healing touch. All sorts of people recommended this book to me-friends, writers, book bloggers, people on Goodreads.

I can’t wait to jump into book two! Emmie Jun 27, This novel contains a few things that might offend. Though the villain of the piece is the popular girl in school, she is not a cookie cutter creation.

Mean girl Ashleigh is also completely one-dimensional. But please before you lynch me, hear me out. I believe this book is better, less menny sorry, Stephen! Blows my fucking mind. Even Jenny, in her weakest state, is a strong individual, one we all can sympathize and grow along with. A girl who can have any boy she wants through touch who gets insanely jealous over a one who can touch just one person in the world. View all 21 comments. Yet, I still liked it. So glad I did. This Jenny Pox book review was written by Ceimone Kercher.


Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. Having teenagers use coke?

That already made the book a struggle to get through. Alysha Gale is twenty-four, unemployed, and tired of her family meddling in her life personally and magically. Seth can heal people with his touch.

Still, I had fun with this one. But the worst of all was all the adult content masquerading as a YA book.