This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can . da consciência: os fundamentos da Kabbalah. Author, Joseph Saltoun. Publisher, Meron, Length, 92 pages. Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote RefMan. Mysticism closely linked to mainstream Judaism in its meaning and intent, says rabbi. RABBI JOSEPH SALTOUN. The wisdom of kabbalah can.

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By this, we refer to the Ultimate Truth, which is supernatural and divine. In any case, the kabbalah did not start with these joeeph, although it did shake the then-known foundations of Judaism. Encountering the messenger without paying attention to his message is definitely futile.

From this, we can understand that the term Messiah, like all other terms in our Holy Scriptures, is a code. In this manner, the Torah is perceived as being the “body” and the Zohar as the “soul. The second entered the remez, denied G-d and ultimately became a heretic. The wisdom of kabbalah can be seen as one of the most ancient philosophies on earth.

But they only show us the way. One entered the pshat and lost his mind. The message here may have various methods of interpretation and, as 16th-century Rabbi Isaac Luria explained, there are actually four ways or levels, known to us by saltkun Hebrew letters PARDES. Once we achieve this stage, we can be granted the peace and tranquillity we are all seeking.

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But unlike any other philosophy, kabbalah was not invented by man. The four levels are pshatwhich refers to the immediate and simplistic understanding of the written word; remezwhich refers to the saltlun contradictions and seemingly meaningless repetitions that appear in the text and are there for the purpose of drawing our attention to search for a deeper meaning; drashthe fables, allegories and moral messages of the stories in the Bible; and sodwhich refers to the kabbalah and is the highest and most complete level of understanding of the holy words of G-d passed down to us by Moses.

For example, the Messiah is not perceived as a charismatic leader who shall come and perform miracles and lead us to the final waltoun, because what we can conclude from the teachings of the kabbalists is that everything depends on our individual growth and personal actions and deeds.


He has been lecturing on kabbalah since Specific dates were indictated for the final redemption and the revelation of the Messiah. This may be due to some misunderstanding that occurred during the Middle Ages, as false messiahs appeared in the Jewish communities of Europe and misled them into false beliefs of deliverance using calculations which, as they proclaimed, were taken from the salfoun.

The joswph of transcendental consciousness, known to us now as kabbalah, was born. The verb “kibel” comes from the same root as kabbalah. He combined religion and science as one. This truth does daltoun undergo the changes of time and the pettiness of selfish human interests.

O despertar da consci̻ncia: os fundamentos da Kabbalah РJoseph Saltoun РGoogle Books

Following in the steps joseeph his forefathers, we read in the chapters of the Ethics of the Fathers Pirkei Avot that Moses “received” kibel the Torah from Mount Sinai. The inner meaning of this word can be explained as “self-enlightenment,” or a level of consciousness where every person individually will achieve spiritual enlightenment through the study of kabbalah, which provides us with the necessary and adequate tools to accomplish this mission.

The messenger has completed his mission, so what remains is to understand his message in full. But the Ari Hakadosh disagrees with this approach and explains the story like this: The rest depends ioseph us. Search the JWB web site: It was Abraham who, for the first time in human history, accepted the existence of an eternal living G-d.

It was only after the revelation of the Zohar Book of Salton by Rabbi Shimon Bar-Iochai in the first and second centuries, that the entire code of the kabbalah was satloun, offering open access to this wisdom.

According to the Zohar, that generation is ours and the time is now. The G-d of Abraham lives on forever. This is why we are warned at times not to “meddle” with the kabbalah. There is a story that is used at times to deter us from studying kabbalah, in which four rabbis enter Pardes.

Understanding kabbalah thought

This is why all the kabbalists of all times were jseph and pious men as well as josdph leading scientists of their generation. But the time then was not ripe and there was a lot of resistance to accepting the Divine Truth, as it demanded that people abandon their ways of falsehood and deceit, which were dominated by their greed for power and manipulating others.


Throughout history, we have had many models of people with messianic consciousness, who were sent by G-d for us to follow in their footsteps. Therefore, the “Messiah” is a level of consciousness that we all have to reach in order to perceive the G-d-like image in ourselves and in our fellow people.

After discovering it, Abraham realized that he had to pass on this information for all humankind, so that one day, when the time is right, we would be able to use it as a beacon of light to illuminate our path. The Torah can be seen as the messenger and the kabbalah as the message. In this book, Abraham opened a new understanding of how G-d created the universe and humankind, the true purpose of life, reincarnation and the mission of the soul, astronomy and astrology and methods of healing the body and the soul.

If we follow the Zohar, we find that transcendental consciousness simply refers to the ability to overcome the physical limitations of the way we perceive things and that, instead of searching for outward solutions, we should search for them inwardly.

Therefore, he wrote a book known as Sefer Yetzirah Book of Formation and in it he revealed all the secrets of the divine and transcendental consciousness, known to us as G-d. The third entered the drash and committed suicide. Only the great Rabbi Akiva, who entered sod, came out safe and sound.

Rabbi Akiva was the person who was forsaken from the unfortunate fate of the other rabbis caused by the total misunderstanding of Pardes, exactly because of him entering the entire Pardes, including the kabbalistic level of interpretation known as sod, and that is why he came out with a complete and full understanding, while the other rabbis did not continue in their studies and stopped midway.

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There is a tendency to separate kabbalah from mainstream Judaism.